Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Comparison Swatches: MAC Patina & Edward Bess Intimate Eyeshadows

Aftering reading Modesty Brown's post comparing Rouge Bunny Rouge's Abyssinian Catbird with MAC's Patina eyeshadow, it got me thinking how similar Patina was to Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Intimate as I haven't used Patina in a while and kind of forgotten it when I recently bought Intimate from Zuneta.

Here are some (slightly blurry, sorry!) pics:

Edward Bess Intimate, MAC Patina

Side by side they look very similar (in real life you can see a bit more of a difference).

Heavily swatched:
L - MAC Patina, R - Edward Bess Intimate

L - MAC Patina, R - Edward Bess Intimate

These are quite close in colour but when swatched on my skin I can see a difference - Patina is a slightly paler golden shade with a hint of olive/khaki and more of frosty/metallic finish where as Intimate looks more Khaki with tiny amount of sheen to the finish.

Texture wise Edward Bess is much smoother and has great payoff in one swipe where as I have heavily swatched MAC as the texture is lighter and not buttery smooth.

MAC is £11 and Edward Bess is £22 so if you already have Patina, Intimate may not be an immediate must have as they are similar shades although in the quality you can definitely feel a difference.

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  1. A very useful comparison. They're similar but I still think I can justify getting Intimate. I really like Patina but when I'm in a rush (most often) it's nice not to have to spend ages packing a shadow on. Great payoff is very handy for me.
    Jane x