Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lily Lolo Foundation: Butterscotch, Warm Honey and Cookie Swatches

I love a good mineral foundation; I don't feel the need to worry if my foundation is clogging my pores and they are quite amazing in the way they blend naturally into the skin. I am still sorely tempted by liquid foundations and the majority in my collection are liquid, but I do love the mineral variety and usually alternate between the two.

Before Christmas I bought some sample size pots of foundation from Lily Lolo in which you get a generous amount that lasts a few weeks of use.
I bought the shades Butterscotch, Warm Honey and Cookie.

My skin has yellow undertones (in MAC I vary between NC40-42) and also because of my acne scarring/spots I have marks that are quite red in colour, I like to get a good base shade that counteracts this redness.

natural light
with flash

Butterscotch appears to be the lightest shade of the three and has the strongest yellow tones (the yellow leans ever so slightly cooler). I actually prefer using this shade more towards the centre of my face (cheeks, middle of forehead) rather then all over as these areas tend to have slightly more redness then the rest of my face, and this shade is good for counteracting that. Overall it is a little bit light for me but I can still use up this sample as it blends well into the skin. 

Warm Honey
natural light

with flash
Warm Honey is a slightly more warmer toned beige which still has yellow tones that are not as strong as those of Butterscotch. In terms of light and dark, I think it appears slightly darker then Butterscotch only because it leans a tiny bit warmer in tone. Warm Honey is a better match for my skintone and blends well on all areas of my face, and also matches well into my neck area which is a little lighter then my face (sometimes if I try to use something that matches my face, it ends up looking darker then my neck area and therefore a bit odd).


Cookie is a little bit darker then Warm Honey, and is the more warmer toned beige. Even though it is ever so slightly darker I think I can get away with it as it blends well although I think I would prefer this shade for the summer.

Heavily swatched L-R Butterscotch, Warm Honey, Cookie

Blended out

Heavily swatched they look so obviously light on my hand but when blended they look natural and the differences between the shades are very subtle, although Cookie seems to be the one that matches my hand, but when I apply them onto my face Warm Honey is the best match.
The foundation itself has fairly good coverage (semi-sheer to medium) so I do still need concealer, and is excellent for evening out the skin.  I can be a bit more heavy handed with it and it still looks natural and not powdery/cakey. Another reason this is becoming a favourite is that it lasts longer on me then other mineral foundations I have used in the past - I still need to powder my t-zone but generally it wears well throughout the day without becoming greasy or turning orange. 

I have just ordered the full-size of Warm Honey as my little sample has almost run out and I have enjoyed using this. It is definitely one of the better mineral foundations I have tried.


  1. I love Lily Lolo make up. The little sample pots are a great idea and as you said, really generous sizes x

  2. I love LL foundations too. I use coffee bean in summer and a mix of this and warm honey in autumn-winter..:)