Sunday, 6 March 2011

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks: Ultra Darling & Can't Get Enough

Thursday I popped by my local MAC counter after work to see the new collections. I wasn't particularly taken with anything from Wonderwoman but I did test out the new Sheen Supreme lipsticks which are gorgeous as the texture is like if a Tendertone was made into a lipstick - so creamy, moisturising feel, lovely sheen and semi-sheer to medium level of colour. The MA on the counter said these are replacing the Slimshines so they are being made permanent but she wasn't sure if these new colours were going to be part of the permanent line.

There were several colours that I really liked the look of but I got Ultra Darling and Can't Get Enough.

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick - Ultra Darling
Ultra Darling is a lovely pink grapefruit/fruit punch pink sort of shade that brightens the lips a little in a natural way but overall because of the semi-sheer texture is not too bright. It's a pretty spring/summer shade that I would imagine suits many skintones. This colour to me is a must-have and I hope it's one they make permanent.
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick - Can't Get Enough

Can't Get Enough is a tan beige nude shade which is warm toned so it sits well against my skin. It is a bit paler then my natural lip colour so I have to make sure that my lips don't look dry as it can emphasise this a bit. Overall a great neutral shade to add to my other similar types of colours!

Natural light Top- Ultra Darling, Bottom - Can't Get Enough

Ultra Darling applied
Can't Get Enough applied
These are a great addition to MAC's lipstick lineup, the only slight negative is the scent - these don't have much of a scent (to my nose anyway), but there is a slight mild type of scent like a faint hint of their regular lipstick vanilla scent mixed with an old, gone off lipstick smell. It is very mild and not enough to put me off, but I do find it a bit strange, if only they smelled as good as the Tendertones did. Speaking of Tendertones, I wonder if MAC will bring these back anytime soon?


  1. You know I was so close to getting Ultra Darling, but went for Impressive and Bare again, I am going to have to go back and get Ultra darling now I have seen how pretty it is on you, thanks for the review x

  2. Both look gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches (=

  3. Thanks Replica - I really love Ultra Darling, I feel it sort of peps me up a bit. I was very tempted by Impressive as well - the collection overall has some very flattering shades.

    Thanks Gaby, there were a lot of gorgeous shades to choose from, definitely one of MAC's stronger lip collections.

  4. Oh Ultra Darling is lovely! I might have to take a look at these.
    Jane x

  5. Ultra darling looks so pretty! New follower x