Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Cream Eyeshadow Batiste Grayling

I had been meaning to do this post sooner as I purchased this quite recently from Zuneta, but I have been away a few days (and been internet free and rather oblivious to any online happenings) and have left a lot till I got back. Anyway, back to beauty and the new Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Long-Lasting Cream Eyeshadow in Batiste Grayling.

When I first heard that RBR were releasing a cream shadow, I had envisioned a pot formed shadow maybe a bit like Benefit's creaseless cream shadows with their beautiful illustrations on the lid. In reality the packaging is just as beautiful as the rest of RBR's range as it comes in a compact tube form with a sponge tip applicator. Although I think if I were to have a few of these it would be tricky to tell the colours apart quickly as the tube is not see-through and the label at the bottom is small.

When I read the descriptions of the shades, Batiste Grayling was the one I was drawn to as I really like grey eyeshadows, I think they are very flattering to brown eyes and I quite like the contrast between a cool toned colour and my skintone.

Left - Heavy swatch, Right - blended out
Batiste Grayling is a mid-grey shade with no noticeable shimmer, more of a silky natural matt finish. It is a light cream texture that gives enough time to blend but it does dry in place without actually feeling drying on the skin.  It works well both in lighter and heavier applications - if I use it lightly the colour blends quite naturally into my darker lids so I get a more subtle grey shade but used more intensely the colour does go quite opaque. The staying power of this is good - on my very oily lids it lasted fairly well, a little creasing towards late afternoon, but no greasiness. I have also tried this as a base and it does make eyeshadows last a little longer, but I think I still prefer my anti-crease combo (ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer and Bloom Eye Paint) as a base.

Overall I am really happy with this, as it is versatile and comfortable to wear - which is something I appreciate with many of Rouge Bunny Rouge's products.

Purchased by me


  1. That looks lovely, I still need to get round to buying the other shades x

  2. Haven't tried anything from this brand, really love the colour. How much do they cost? x

  3. Hi Nat. They are expensive at £26 each (although I took advantage of a 20% off which Zuneta had a while back), but the quality is high. If you were considering anything from the range the powder eyeshadows are definitely worth a look at to begin with. is a great resource for the brand as Replica has swatches of many of the products.