Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hourglass Visionnaire Eyeshadow Duo - Prism

Packaging gorgeousness at its best

Hourglass have the perfect swivel down!

Hourglass is a brand that I have slowly been getting into (I think my attentions at Zuneta have mainly been towards Rouge Bunny Rouge); so far I only have a couple of products but I would like to try more as I have been impressed with what I have at present.

I was very drawn to this particular palette when seeing swatches as I don't often come across interesting blue shades that are not bright, often blues done badly can look rather whishy-washy. This is not the case with Prism as the texture and pay-off is excellent, with a soft, buttery feel and great pigmentation that deposits a perfectly opaque level of colour with a sophisticated sheen.

L-R: Accessorize Platinum, Hourglass Prism duo
L-R: Accessorize Platinum, Hourglass Prism duo
Out of interest I swatched this next to Accessorize Platinum even though they are different just to see how the tones compare.

The blue side in Prism is a beautiful, soft gray blue that has a fine sheen-shimmer rather then frosty glitz. The black side is a well pigmented matt black shade with fine flecks of shimmer. This side is prone to a little fall-out so I usually apply my foundation after doing my eyes for this duo. The smooth texture on both sides allows the shadows to blend very well together.

The packaging is obviously gorgeous and unique with a fun rotating lid (that I don't really make much use of) that snaps shut in a satisfying way. The little brush provided inside is actually quite nice and soft so I have used it to apply the shadow.

Overall I am really loving this duo - the blue in particular is a shade that speaks to me (this is something I say a lot more with shoes!) and am going to experiment with more to see what colour combos look interesting.

*Purchased by me*


  1. I did see this one at Sephora a few days ago. I was drawn to it too. It's really a beautiful palette.

  2. Not normally a fan of blue eyeshadow but the colours look lovely in your swatches. Agree on the packaging too, it's really gorgeous and unusual!

  3. Hi Alexutza
    Sephora! I do hope they make a return to the UK.

    Hi Nat
    I definitely go through phases of liking certain colours but I don't think I will tire of this blue. I think I had a colour similar to this in the old Boots Botanics makeup (which I wish they'd bring back) that I loved as well.