Wednesday, 2 January 2013

MuLondon Organic Hemp Moisturiser Review

Happy New Year everyone! I thought I'd start off 2013 with a product that I come across last year that has been something of a skin rescue and that is MuLondon's Organic Hemp moisturiser.

This little pot of wonder has been sitting in my drawer for a while, reserved more for skincare emergencies such as random patches of inflammation/smaller spots but over the past month I have been using it much more consistently so feel that I can give it proper consideration.

MuLondon is a vegan, cruelty-free skincare range which uses natural and organic ingredients without any preservatives or fragrance (the products have scent from the essential oils that are used). The moisturisers for example do not have any water in them and are concentrated formulas that are deceptively effective at tackling skin issues.

As my skin is combination, acne-prone and dehydrated, I opted for the Organic Hemp moisturiser as my first foray into the brand as this also has rosemary extract and vetivert oil to help with acne and balance the skin. The moisturisers come in two sizes - 60ml and 30ml. I have the 30ml which is £9, so they are really very reasonably priced for the quality of the formulas.

The base of this moisturiser is shea butter so it has quite a solid feel to it and you take about a pea-sized amount and warm it in your hands and massage into the skin. As the product is being warmed, it can initially feel a little bit oily, but once massaged in, this disappears to a natural skin finish. You really only need a tiny amount so it's only if you've taken too much that it might leave shine/oiliness on the skin.

I've used this both as a day cream and a night cream and for me they work well. As a day cream this works fine underneath my makeup and at night this offers welcome relief and restorative qualities as it seems to heal and soothe patches of inflammation like acne or dry areas without overwhelming the skin. When I'm at home and sometimes sans anything on my face, my skin seems to be more balanced and I feel that this moisturiser contributes to this overall calmness of my skin.

The scent is also lovely, the Black Spruce, Vetivert and Cedar Wood essential oils give the cream a woody scent, but in a light and clean way that is not overpowering and adds a hint of facial-esque therapy.

It does feel very different to moisturisers I've used before as the texture is quite unique, but I have gotten used to it and this is just as effective.

Vitellaria Paradoxa (Shea Butter)*, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp Seed Oil)*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Oil)*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary Extract)*, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp Essential Oil), Picea Mariana (Black Spruce Essential Oil), Vetiveria Zizanoides (Vetivert Essential Oil)*, Cedrus Atlantica (Cedar Wood Essential Oil)*
*Certified Organic Ingredients

MuLondon can be found online at (not an affililate link)


  1. I've had this brand on my list to try for a while now, so thanks for the reminder, that does sound like a good product for me to start with :)

    1. Hi Replica, I've been meaning to try some more from them like the White Chocolate Truffle moisturiser - it sounds like it will be rather yummy smelling!

  2. This moisturiser is excellent. I buy it primarily for Mr and Miss London - they both get patches of eczema/sore skin, and this sorts it right out. Great review.

    1. Hi Grace
      It is a little gem:) Also it's good to see such a product helping with more serious skin issues while still being gentle.

  3. Hi Meeta, Happy New Year! My skin sounds a lot like yours (it's also combination, acne-prone and dehydrated), and I've found it tricky to find products which add enough moisture, but don't cause break outs or blocked pores. I've been using a product from La Roche Posay (Effaclar H) which does help to hydrate without causing any break out problems, but find it's a little bit too oily to use during the day under make-up.

    This sounds like a great product though, and as you said, really reasonably priced! Think I may have to pick a tub and give it a go. Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Nat, Happy New Year to you as well! I haven't tried that product from LRP, I've only used the AI spot treatment. Will be interested to hear your thoughts if you get the Mu.