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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Smoky MAC Hyperviolet FOTD

Today I've gone for quite a simple eye look with MAC's Hyperviolet Paint Pot which is a gorgeous bruised plum type shade. I'm really enjoying these deep red-purple shades for autumn and this eye combination is one I rather liked and thought I'd share.

I've started off with a base of Bloom's Eye Paint in Chocolate which is a staple (review here) that I reach for almost everyday. These past few months I've noticed my eyelids are not as oily as before so I don't use my ELF eyeshadow primer so much underneath the Bloom eye paint.
On 3/4 of the lid and slightly on lower lash line I've applied MAC Paint Pot in Hyperviolet with a concealer brush then blended out the edges with a MAC 217. On the inner corner I've used Illamasqua's Fat Pencil in Fickle which is another favourite as the gold is on a slightly darker, duller side which seems to blend into my skintone and texture more nicely for a more softer golden look.

I've used MAC Feline pencil on the upper lash line and a little on the outer lower lash line then used a eye smudge brush to soften the line. The mascara is a sample of Chanel's Inimitable Intense which I got with a purchase a while back. I wasn't overly keen on the original Inimitable but I really like this Intense version as the formula is light and slightly creamy but not wet and really gives a dark lash look with good volume and separation.

Complete look:

Products used:

W3LL People Narcissist foundation stick No.5 (review here) all over face set with a little MUFE HD powder.
MAC Sculpt & Shape Powder in Accentuate/Sculpt - I've used the highlighter side on the tops of my cheeks.
Nouba Earth Powder 51 - As blush/bronzer. This deserves it's own post as it's another firm favourite of mine.
Chanel Glossimer in Giggle on lips
Chanel Crayon Sourcil in 60 Noir Cendre to fill in brows

L-R: Chanel Giggle Glossimer, Illamasqua Fat Pencil Fickle, Chanel Crayon Sourcil 60 Noir Cendre, MAC Feline pencil, MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot

Saturday, 3 September 2011

MAC Me Over Purchases & FOTD

It's been a while since I've purchased anything new from MAC as not really anything from recent collections has grabbed me but I did check out the new collections on Thursday and bought a few bits.

My favourite thing is probably the Fluidlines from the MAC Me Over collection as the colours are so deep and gorgeous. I also purchased an eyeshadow and a Pro Longwear lip pencil from the Style Driven collection which I am also very impressed with.

L-R: Pro Long Wear Lip Pencil -Absolutely It, Dark Diversion Fluidline, Midnight Blues Fluidline, Carbonized eyeshadow

Pro Long Wear Lip Pencil -Absolutely It
This is a very pretty medium pink with a slight warmth of brown to it that makes a great 'my lips but better' shade. It has a subtle silky metallic sheen that adds a little dimension and brightness to the shade. I think that these do have a good pigmentation and hold on the lips so they last longer then their standard lip pencils. I do use a lipbalm underneath as they feel a little drying. Despite this I would like some of the other colours as I like using their lip pencils instead of matte lipstick.

Dark Diversion Fluidline
A deep, dark burgundy shade that is not overly warm or cool. A really great shade for autumn/winter and feels very rich.

Midnight Blues Fluidline
This looks a little brighter in my pic but this is a deep blue with a bit of a green tone.

Carbonized eyeshadow
A deep brown with a slight golden sheen - a great neutral shade that I know I will get lots of use from. 

I used the Dark Diversion Fluidline today and I really love this look as it makes a lovely change from standard black liner.

Rest of products on eyes:
Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo in Suede (lighter shade inner corner, darker shade all over lid), MAC Chromagraphic Pencil NW25/NC30 on waterline, Maxfactor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara*, Korres Brow Pencil 01.

Full Face:

Rest of products used:

Lily Lolo Foundation - Warm Honey
Guerlain Terracotta Touch 02 - under eyes
MAC Blush - Breath of Plum
MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil - Absolutely It - all over lips

*PR Sample

Monday, 29 August 2011

My Favourite Highlighting & Glowy Eyeshadows

I have quite a few eyeshadows that I like to reach for when highlighting and creating more glowy makeup looks so thought I'd share some of my favourites.

From left to right:
1st row: K by Beverley Knight 04, Barry M Dazzle Dust 39 Tan, Barry M Dazzle Dust 8 Silver Iridescent.
2nd row: Illamasqua Furore, MAC All That Glitters, MAC Shadestick Butternutty.
3rd row: NARS Nepal, NYX Champagne, Everyday Minerals On the Phone.
4th row: Rouge Bunny Rouge Firetailed Sunbird, Urban Decay Virgin & Sin from the Naked Palette, NYX Sahara.

K by Beverley Knight Eyeshadow - 04
Unfortunately this range is no longer available (although I have spotted a few bits reduced online).
This is a lovely peach shade that has a very smooth and nicely pigmented texture (unfortunately my pic doesn't quite do it justice). It has a satiny/slight shimmer sheen to the finish. A versatile shade that definitely gives a glowy feel to the lids.

Barry M Dazzle Dust - 39 Tan
A beautiful warm tan shade full of shimmer. I am a fan of the Dazzle Dusts and even though many of them are quite full-on, as the texture/shimmer pigment is fine I can blend them out or use with other shades for more wearable looks. I like using Tan mostly on the inner corner to add a nice glowy highlight or a sheer wash all over the lid.

Barry M Dazzle Dust - 8 Silver Iridescent
A silvery white shimmer shade that initially I thought would look a bit disco ball but I only use a very small amount on the inner corner and it adds a very pretty hint of pale shimmer. As this is not too densely packed I can get away with a sheer wash of colour.

Illamasqua Pure Pigment - Furore
I think this is one of Illamasqua's must-have pigments. In real life it looks similar to Barry M Tan but this is lighter and has a bit of depth that gives it quite a rich feel. Texture is very fine and wonderfully pigmented. Again this one looks more amazing in real life then in my swatch pic.

MAC Eyeshadow - All That Glitters
One of my favourite shadows by MAC. It's a warm and frosty golden tan shade that has a good level of pigment.

MAC Shadestick - Butternutty
This was a limited edition shade but I think this is being repromoted in one of the upcoming collections. This is a pale golden shade that I like to use to line the waterline and also in the inner corner.

NARS Eyeshadow - Nepal
This was my first NARS eyeshadow and is my favourite of theirs. It is an unusual warm tan with a slight dusky pink tone. If I'm in a hurry and not sure what to use, this is one I can quickly use all over the lid and it just adds a soft, natural glow to the lid. On my NC40/42ish colouring, and as my lids are a little bit darker then my face, this works as a subtle highlight on the inner corner. 

NYX Eyeshadow - Champagne
When I want something a little more refined then All That Glitters, I like reaching for this as it has a decent level of pigment and still gives a nice golden sheen to the lids. 

Everyday Minerals Eyeshadow - On the Phone
An unusual pale, dusky, mauvey sort of colour that has very fine shimmer that looks quite subtle when applied. I like the shimmer in mineral eyeshadows as they have a wonderful depth that is not glittery.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eyeshadow - Fire-tailed Sunbird
I have reviewed this shade before here. It is one of the slightly more unique shades as it has an interesting and very pretty mix of pink and peach. As with all RBR's eyeshadows, it's beautifully soft and well pigmented.

Urban Decay Virgin & Sin from the Naked Palette
Virgin is quite a pale, cool toned shade that has a very subtle iridescent sheen to it. This one I use slightly on the inner corner or layered on top of other shades as I think it is a bit pale on it's own for my colouring. Sin is a slightly frosty pale pinky toned champagne sort of shade that is richly pigmented and smooth.

NYX Eyeshadow - Sahara
Sahara is a warm, creamy shade that has a satin matte finish. This is one I like to as a inner corner highlight.

1- NYX Sahara, 2- NYX Champagne, 3- Everyday Minerals On the Phone, 4- MAC Butternutty, 5- RBR Firetailed Sunbird, 6- MAC All That Glitters, 7- Illamasqua Furore, 8- Barry M Tan, 9- Barry M Silver Iridescent, 10- UD Virgin, 11- UD Sin, 12- Beverley Knight 04.

Apologies for the long post, I couldn't quite narrow down the selection as I love them all!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Back in Time: MAC Phosphor Nail polish

MAC Phosphor Nail Polish
MAC Phosphor was released in summer 2008 as part of MAC's Neo Sci-Fi collection. It's a beautifully bright, electric deep yellow that is a frost finish. Shown with 2 coats. I initially thought that the YSL polish released this summer was similar but that is a lighter yellow golden shade and doesn't have quite the kick this does. 

I know this was limited edition, but it is one of my favourite polishes and stands out as one of my favourite MAC purchases. It is a polish that attracts attention and I do get comments on it when I wear it. If it is ever repromoted in the future, I'd thoroughly recommend it.

It's definitely a colour that never fails to make my day just a little brighter:)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

YSL Waterproof Eye Pencil: The Perfect Black Pencil for a Not-So-Perfect Look & Black Eyeliner Comparison

YSL recently released their new waterproof eye pencils and despite some beautiful colours I went for black. Black eye pencils are not something I regularly wear - I tend to go for gel/liquid liners or for pencils dark blue (MAC Blooz was my first eye pencil), purple or dark brown shades, but with YSL, I think I will be reaching for black a lot more.

YSL Waterproof Eye Pencil is wonderful to use - it has so much glide (more so then UD) that you barely need to touch the skin to get an impressively pigmented black line. This has a smooth, almost gel liner consistency, but is not the best texture for sharper, precise lines (although I would use a normal pot gel liner or liquid liner for this purpose). It is great for an intense line and I find it easier to achieve that 'not so perfect' dark, slightly smudgey look. Even though the pencil is soft, it does have good hold and stays on very well and it is only if I rub it, it smudges a tiny bit (but not enough that it fades the look of the line as it still retains the darkness). I find the wear to be better then the other black liners I have swatched so I need an oil/balm to remove this.  

L-R: YSL, MAC Feline, MAC Black Russian, UD Zero

The YSL and MAC Feline are the blackest out of the swatches, I would say that Feline looks to be a more truer black - the YSL even though black, leans ever so slightly blue in tone which is something I really love about this because it is more evident on the eye (especially in certain light) and I feel that this tone gives slightly more of a contrast against my skintone and makes the colour stand out more. MAC feline was my go-to shade as it is an intense shade with a rich, kohl texture, great for smoky looks but I have been reaching only for the YSL since I got it. Both of these I don't use right in the inner corners as sometimes the colour can creep into the corner which is the only negative I have.

I am not sure why I included Black Russian but thought it might be interesting to see anyway as it has a lovely gunmetal tone with fine shimmer where as the others are straight black. I used to think Urban Decay's Zero was pretty black, but up against the others it doesn't have nearly the same intensity and pigmentation I had once thought.

Natural light: Bottom-Top: YSL, MAC Feline, MAC Black Russian, UD Zero

Flash: Bottom-Top: YSL, MAC Feline, MAC Black Russian, UD Zero

I feel that I have sort of rediscovered a love of the black pencil with YSL, it is more of what I had been looking for in a black pencil (which sounds a bit dramatic but is true).

*All purchased by me*

Sunday, 6 March 2011

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks: Ultra Darling & Can't Get Enough

Thursday I popped by my local MAC counter after work to see the new collections. I wasn't particularly taken with anything from Wonderwoman but I did test out the new Sheen Supreme lipsticks which are gorgeous as the texture is like if a Tendertone was made into a lipstick - so creamy, moisturising feel, lovely sheen and semi-sheer to medium level of colour. The MA on the counter said these are replacing the Slimshines so they are being made permanent but she wasn't sure if these new colours were going to be part of the permanent line.

There were several colours that I really liked the look of but I got Ultra Darling and Can't Get Enough.

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick - Ultra Darling
Ultra Darling is a lovely pink grapefruit/fruit punch pink sort of shade that brightens the lips a little in a natural way but overall because of the semi-sheer texture is not too bright. It's a pretty spring/summer shade that I would imagine suits many skintones. This colour to me is a must-have and I hope it's one they make permanent.
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick - Can't Get Enough

Can't Get Enough is a tan beige nude shade which is warm toned so it sits well against my skin. It is a bit paler then my natural lip colour so I have to make sure that my lips don't look dry as it can emphasise this a bit. Overall a great neutral shade to add to my other similar types of colours!

Natural light Top- Ultra Darling, Bottom - Can't Get Enough

Ultra Darling applied
Can't Get Enough applied
These are a great addition to MAC's lipstick lineup, the only slight negative is the scent - these don't have much of a scent (to my nose anyway), but there is a slight mild type of scent like a faint hint of their regular lipstick vanilla scent mixed with an old, gone off lipstick smell. It is very mild and not enough to put me off, but I do find it a bit strange, if only they smelled as good as the Tendertones did. Speaking of Tendertones, I wonder if MAC will bring these back anytime soon?

Friday, 28 January 2011

FOTD: Plummy Eyes & New Barry M Lip Paint 150 Pink Suede

Browsing the aisles in my local Superdrug, I came across some new shades of Lip Paint in Barry M in my favourite lip category of 'naturals'. Currently they are on offer so I got two shades for £6.99. 

Pink Suede (150) is not really a pink, it is a warm tan nude shade which is quite creamy and well pigmented with a silky matt texture.

I really like this as it leans warmer it doesn't look like too pale a nude shade.

Complete Look:

Diorskin Forever Compact powder -040 (around sides/forehead)
Everyday Minerals Peach Color Corrector (centre of face)
Ellis Faas Concealer - S205 (undereye)
MAC Sculpt & Shape Powder - Accentuate/Sculpt
NARS Blush - Sin
MUFE - HD Powder

Lips - Barry M Lip Paint - 150

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Eden (I think this has made the colours look slightly paler as it is quite a pale, opaque base)
Fyrinnae - Daemon's Tail (all over lid)
Inika Mineral eyeshadow - Autumn Plum 20 (outer corner)
MAC Sculpt & Shape Powder - Accentuate (under brows)
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner - Oil Slick to line (top and slightly on bottom)
MAC Shadestick - Butternutty (waterline)
Korres Eyebrow pencil 01 
17 Wild Curls Mascara - black (on top & bottom lashes)

Thursday, 27 January 2011

FOTD: Golden Olive Eyes with Rouge Bunny Rouge

This week I have been playing up the eyes more as sometimes when getting ready for work I instinctively grab my favourite brown/neutral shades. This was yesterday's face where I have used the gorgeous warm tones from Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows as the key element.

Diorskin Forever Compact powder -040 (around sides/forehead)
Everyday Minerals Peach Color Corrector (centre of face)
Ellis Faas Concealer - S205 (undereye)
MAC Sculpt & Shape Powder - Accentuate/Sculpt
Everyday Minerals Blush - Snuggle
MUFE - HD Powder

Lips - Chanel Rouge Allure - 01 Delicate

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow - Abyssinian Catbird (all over lid)
Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow - Firetailed Sunbird (inner corner)
MAC Glamour Check! (very slightly on outer corner)
MAC Sculpt & Shape Powder - Accentuate (under brows)
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner - Oil Slick to line (top and slightly on bottom)
Korres Eyebrow pencil 01 
Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara (on top & bottom lashes)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

MAC Gulabi Lipstick & Pink Lipstick Comparisons

I had saved up enough empty MAC packaging for two Back 2 MACs, so one of the lipsticks I got was Gulabi from the Mickey Contractor collection (the other was Modesty). I also liked the look of Mehr and was convinced I would get this one but I wasn't too keen on the matt finish when I tested it out. Overall I was quite pleased with myself as I only got this and the Soiree nail polish from the Cham Pale collection which is a bit of a departure from my previous splurges at MAC.

Gulabi is a bright pink shade that is more red based rather then being a blue based pink. When I tested it out I was surprised at how much I liked it as it is not something I would usually go for. This is an amplified finish so it is creamy and well pigmented (although the swatch on my hand doesn't look so bright).

Even though I haven't anything quite like this, I thought it would be good to see how it compares with the pink lipcolours I already have:

L-R: MAC Gulabi, OCC Lip Tar Demure, Illamasqua Resist, L'Oreal Studio Secrets 842 Plum.

Gulabi applied on lips:

It was quite hard to get an accurate pic of this as a lot of the pics I had taken made it look more red but applied on the lips gives a better idea of the shade.

As it leans warmer in tone, I find it slightly more comfortable to wear and I think this will be great for summer (which seems like absolute ages away but I can plan ahead! :)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2010 Makeup Favourites

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

It's been a great year for beauty (when is it not?) and I am excited for 2011. Yet another favourites post, but it's good to acknowledge the products that have served me well the past year. It was kind of hard to not list a quazillion products but here is a selection of the items I found myself loving over 2010 (I am sure that I will have missed some out):

Urban Decay Naked Palette
One of the best things Urban Decay has ever made. Enough said.

2010 was the year I put MAC on the backseat a bit and got much more into NARS. The Sheer Glow Foundation is great when I don't want to faff about too much as it gives good coverage, feels light and natural like I am almost not wearing foundation. I use the shade Barcelona and think it's pretty spot-on in colour. There have been some really good drugstore foundations (Revlon Photoready, Maxfactor Second Skin & Bourjois Healthy Mix deserve a mention), but the colour matching in NARS pips it for me.

NARS Douceur Blush - great go-to natural shade that adds a hint of colour that suits lots of looks.
NARS Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara - this is bordering on HG territory as it gives me lovely separated and defined lashes to help achieve an even 'fanned' look. Adds some volume too.

MUFE HD Powder
This really softens the look of pores which is something many primers fail to do while looking invisible on the skin. I really wish MUFE ups the availability of their products this year as I would love to check out more of the line.

2010 reignited my love of lipgloss and think I ended up adding a few more glosses rather then lipsticks to my collection. Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lipglosses, Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lipgloss in Ignite, and Becca Glossy Lip Tint in Amaretto were regular non-sticky favourites.

My love of MAC continues, but last year I was not tempted as much by new collections, however the Ripe Peach Blush, Accentuate/Sculpt Highlight/Contour Powder and the Penultimate liner were things I reached for often.

Korres Eyebrow Pencil
I need to look at Korres more as they have some absolute gems with this pencil being a staple product as it's a dark, ashy brown that blends well with my natural brows.

The ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer along with Bloom Eye Paint in Chocolate has been helping to keep my eyeshadows crease free and the Rouge Bunny Rouge Quartz Eyeliner in Anthracite Essence has helped me get perfectly lined eyes.

17 are rivalling some of the high-end mascaras with some excellent offerings. The Va Va Voom Volume (not pictured) is a better dupe of Diorshow and the Wild Curls Mascara is great for getting lift and definition. I don't need to curl my lashes with this and I can emphasise my outer lashes well to get a more elongated look.

There were a lot more exciting offerings from the drugstore and the Accessorize Illusion Eyeshadows and myface Blingtones were some of the standouts for me.

I cannot believe I didn't make my first Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow Abyssinian Catbird, as the shade is so beautiful, definitely a must have shade from them.

Roll on 2011!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

MAC A/W 2010 Nail Trend by Jin Soon Haul

L-R: Imperial Flower, Jade Dragon, Concubine, Rain of Flowers

I went to MAC on Thursday to have a look at Venomous Villains and the new Nail Trend collection by Jin Soon.
While I wasn't really taken by much in Venomous Villains (I got the Bad Fairy nail polish and Briar Rose Beauty Powder), the new a/w nail polishes really are beautiful. I love the inspiration behind the collection as Jin Soon has used Imperial China to create rich, gorgeous shades.  There are 6 colours in the collection which all have faint micro pearl/reflect particles which give the nail polish slight dimension - this was a crucial element that swayed me into buying more then I had originally intended.  The ones I didn't get were Earthly Harmony which is a stunning cement sort of colour with faint gold reflects but is not flattering against my skintone; and Ming Blue which I am very tempted to go back for.

L-R: Concubine, Jade Dragon, Rain of Flowers, Imperial Flower
Application wise they are good and the formula is not too thick or too thin, but there can be ever such a slight drag if I am not careful. Generally they apply well (Imperial Flower applies the best) with complete opacity in 3 coats (in the pic I have used 3).

I love all the shades but my favourite is Rain of Flowers - there is such an intense depth to the shade that has me gazing in wonder.

Disclaimer: All purchased by me

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Comparison Swatches: MAC Patina & Edward Bess Intimate Eyeshadows

Aftering reading Modesty Brown's post comparing Rouge Bunny Rouge's Abyssinian Catbird with MAC's Patina eyeshadow, it got me thinking how similar Patina was to Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Intimate as I haven't used Patina in a while and kind of forgotten it when I recently bought Intimate from Zuneta.

Here are some (slightly blurry, sorry!) pics:

Edward Bess Intimate, MAC Patina

Side by side they look very similar (in real life you can see a bit more of a difference).

Heavily swatched:
L - MAC Patina, R - Edward Bess Intimate

L - MAC Patina, R - Edward Bess Intimate

These are quite close in colour but when swatched on my skin I can see a difference - Patina is a slightly paler golden shade with a hint of olive/khaki and more of frosty/metallic finish where as Intimate looks more Khaki with tiny amount of sheen to the finish.

Texture wise Edward Bess is much smoother and has great payoff in one swipe where as I have heavily swatched MAC as the texture is lighter and not buttery smooth.

MAC is £11 and Edward Bess is £22 so if you already have Patina, Intimate may not be an immediate must have as they are similar shades although in the quality you can definitely feel a difference.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Quick Pretty Eyes: Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier - Laos

Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier - Laos

This is a beautiful deep bronzey brown with a slight metallic finish and very fine shimmer. My pics don't really do the colour justice as it looks so much more gorgeous in real life.

I use this all over the lid and to line the eyes and I absolutely love it. It is so quick to apply in the morning and gives a lovely intense finish to the eyes. It goes on very smoothly, is very well pigmented and surprisingly it lasted incredibly well on my oily lids - I applied it about 7.30am and it was still there when I got home about 7pm, it had slightly faded but overall I was hugely impressed as I had not used any base at all under this.

Here I have used it all over the lid and lower lash line then lined the upper lash line with MAC's Kohl Power pencil in Feline. The mascara is the new No7 Exceptional Definition.

this one shows the tone of the brown better as the colour is a bit deeper then above pic

There are quite a lot of shades in the Eye Intensifier especially more browny/bronzey shades which look as though they might be the same but swatch differently.
At £17.50, it is slightly more then what I am used to paying for a similar item, but in comparison to something like a MAC Shadestick or Illamasqua's Fat Pencils, the finish with Sue Devitt is better.

Disclaimer: Purchased by me