Sunday, 10 October 2010

MAC A/W 2010 Nail Trend by Jin Soon Haul

L-R: Imperial Flower, Jade Dragon, Concubine, Rain of Flowers

I went to MAC on Thursday to have a look at Venomous Villains and the new Nail Trend collection by Jin Soon.
While I wasn't really taken by much in Venomous Villains (I got the Bad Fairy nail polish and Briar Rose Beauty Powder), the new a/w nail polishes really are beautiful. I love the inspiration behind the collection as Jin Soon has used Imperial China to create rich, gorgeous shades.  There are 6 colours in the collection which all have faint micro pearl/reflect particles which give the nail polish slight dimension - this was a crucial element that swayed me into buying more then I had originally intended.  The ones I didn't get were Earthly Harmony which is a stunning cement sort of colour with faint gold reflects but is not flattering against my skintone; and Ming Blue which I am very tempted to go back for.

L-R: Concubine, Jade Dragon, Rain of Flowers, Imperial Flower
Application wise they are good and the formula is not too thick or too thin, but there can be ever such a slight drag if I am not careful. Generally they apply well (Imperial Flower applies the best) with complete opacity in 3 coats (in the pic I have used 3).

I love all the shades but my favourite is Rain of Flowers - there is such an intense depth to the shade that has me gazing in wonder.

Disclaimer: All purchased by me

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