Sunday, 31 October 2010

New Nail Products in Superdrug: Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Haul

There is not a great deal of nail art products available in my regular haunts apart from the more press-on nail variety but with the arrival of Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique in Superdrug, this is set to liven my nails up a bit and I am looking forward to creating some new nail looks with these.

There are quite a lot of products in the range including the standard colour polishes and manicure products to more interesting things like press on gems, tattoos and double-ended polishes to create new colour looks.
I really wanted to get a few more products but I have gone a bit polish-crazy this past month so I only bought a few bits.

Gemstone Overcoat (£4.99 for 5.5ml)
This looks very pretty in the bottle and sort of similar to one that Gosh does but as I don't have the Gosh one I can't really compare it. Gemstone Overcoat has copper reflects suspended in a clear base. In different lights you can pick up a slight green iridescent quality but mostly it looks more copper-toned.

Stripe and Sparkle (£4.99 for 8ml)
These come in quite a few different colours but I went for this one which at the bottom has a black polish with a fine brush to create nail art designs and on the top has a cute little shaker which holds holographic silver glitter which you can sprinkle over any wet polish to give some sparkle. I really like this idea as in the past I have tried the nail art pens which have the needle point applicators but with this I find I can get a finer line and have more control. The glitter is also great as it doesn't stick to clothing etc and can be brushed off easily as I found that shaking it onto nails is not the most precise application so you do get glitter going a bit everywhere.

The little shaker holes

The fine brush applicator

Nail Tattoos (£1.99)
These are rather sweet little stick on tattoos that come in several different designs including skulls and crosses although I picked these cute little lock and key ones and a chains one that are a little reminiscent of the Chanel body tattoos.

The other product pictured is the Gloss Up Overcoat (£4.99) which is a topcoat but I am going to use that a bit more before I review.

I am going to do some more posts on some nail looks created with these products but overall I am excited about this range and the possibilities for some interesting nail designs.

Disclaimer: Purchased by me (but the Nail Tattoos were free with a purchase)

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