Monday, 4 October 2010

No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara Review

After having several mascaras knocking about in my stash I have slowly got through them and this is the last one left - No7's Exceptional Definition Mascara.

It's a plastic brush affair with 3 different type of bristles - one side for volume, one for more definition/length, and a spiky end to get at the more harder to reach lashes. 

I think it does a good job of getting to each lash, I particularly like the shorter, finer side for lower lashes as it doesn't add too much mascara.
The formula is very black and quite a lush texture which isn't too wet. If I use a bit more then it does clump ever so slightly. As I have long lashes already, I like mascaras that give a more defined and even lash look, I don't like it when some lashes stick together and even though this does a reasonable job, sometimes I can't easily get the separation I would like.

Some other plus points are that it doesn't smudge or flake at all and lasts the whole day without lashes feeling crispy.

Before pic with lashes curled:

After 1 coat of mascara:

Overall it's a good mascara but not great, and for me not worth £12 (although I used a £5 off No7 voucher so it was £7) as there are other drugstore mascaras for less that do a better job.

Disclaimer: Purchased by me

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