Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lip balm for Brace Wearers? EOS Lip balm Review

EOS Lip balm in Summer Fruit
I have braces and they are the very visible train track looking ones (hence why you won't see any toothy smile pics) and today I was at the orthodontist having the next stage of my brace treatment which is to put elastics on various points of my metal brace. Whenever I have a major adjustment it completely puts me off using most lip products as it feels strange/uncomfortable if I try to rub my lips together or use anything that requires pressure to apply or feels remotely sticky so usually I don't wear lipstick and most lipglosses until this feeling subsides after a few days/ or a week or so (I know, I am strange).

That is why I am loving this little gem of a lipbalm. As well as being very cutely packaged, the round shape is so perfect for me at the moment as it really makes application easy and gets around my whole lip with minimal swiping and is so smooth so glides with ease without much pressure.

This one is the Summer Fruit one which is lightly scented with a sweet, fruity scent as it has extracts of blueberry, strawberry and peach (I mostly smell the peach) which is not overpowering but does linger slightly.
It is 100% natural and 95% organic. I bought mine from Zuneta.

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