Saturday, 9 October 2010

Current Haircare Routine/Ramble - Head & Shoulders and Joico

Haircare is one area of beauty that while I like, I find it difficult to get right. I think it's easier with makeup as you can test things out before buying but most haircare products are a leap of faith.

I tend to favour more natural ranges but I have found it difficult to do this with haircare so I often switch between SLS/chemical and natural ranges.

My hair is:

Just below my shoulders in length and naturally wavy (if I treat it right I can get a good loose wave/curl without the aid of any tools.
Slightly fine
Lacks volume so can often look flat
Drier on lengths and can get greasy quickly
Prone to flakiness and my scalp on occasion can become slightly itchy.

Recently I have found some products that seem to work well for me so I'd thought I'd run through these:

First up is Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Shampoo.
Head & Shoulders is one of the few SLS shampoos that I use and have repurchased many times. It just works, helping to relieve flakiness and mild scalp issues. As well as helping with those problems it also makes the hair feel so clean and smooth. If I leave this out everyone in the house uses it.
The Dry Scalp Care shampoo is a new formula in the Head & Shoulders line-up and so far it is my favourite one. It makes the scalp feel soothed and hydrated and the hair much softer and smoother. Since using this the hair nearer the roots doesn't get greasy as quickly.


Next is Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Lotion for fine/normal dry hair.
I have never used any Joico haircare before, but have heard good things about the range and I saw that these were on sale on Beauty Expert so I bought a couple of products. The description and instructions are not very in-depth, but I use this like a conditioner, just applying to damp hair and leaving for 5 mins then rinsing out. It is a pale yellow light cream consistency which is not rich so doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down, just very soft and smooth.


Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Liquid Reconstructor for fine/damaged hair
I wouldn't say my hair is damaged (apart from Lush's Cacas I have never coloured my hair) but I do blow-dry and straighten on occasion so it can get slightly more drier.
This is a liquid spray which you use on clean, towel-dried hair and is supposed to help rebuild and improve the structure of the hair.
When I spray this I can feel the liquid on my hair as it sprays in a more focused squirt rather then a fine mist. I can be rather liberal with this and even though it definitely feels like I've applied too much, once my hair is dry there is no residue/greasiness or anything left and my hair just feels really soft, smooth and light like I haven't applied any product at all. Also to note this is scented with a pineapple/coconut sort of scent.
I still need to use some sort of finishing product to get a bit more definition and shine to the hair, but overall I am really liking this and it has definitely made me want to explore Joico more.


Disclaimer: All products purchased by me

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