Sunday, 24 October 2010

Les Fleurs De Bach - Vivacite(s) de Bach Energising Shower Gel Review

A while back when reading the monthly Victoria Health newsletter they mentioned Les Fleurs de Bach products and they sounded rather appealing as they use Bach Flower essences to create products that bring 'well-being to body, mind and soul' (words on pamphlet). I love brands that harness the power of natural extracts and use them for therapeutic benefits but at the price of £16.50 for a shower gel, I thought it was slightly much but ASOS recently had the range on sale so I bought the shower gel from the Vivacite(s) de Bach which is the energising range as well as a few other bits.

The bottle for this is an amber coloured plastic and has lovely styling inspired by old apothecary style bottles. The texture of the liquid is a standard clear gel, not too thick but not thin either and lathers well and leaves the skin feeling clean and soft but it's not really anything special compared to other shower gels on the market.

The scent is one thing that does stand out and makes this a bit different - it is a mild peppery, slightly mustard sort of scent that is not overpowering but a more elegant concoction that has a slight uplifting and peppy quality. There is nothing feminine about the scent so I think this would be a good one for the guys, but I like it as it's a bit more unusual from the standard fruits or florals (which I love also). 

Personally I really like the scent in bath/shower products to linger as I like the whole idea of feeling like you are escaping to somewhere else through scent, and I find this a bit mild for my liking and it disappears a bit too quickly after washing off so it doesn't feel as indulgent as I would like it to.

Also it would be nice for the information on the little pamphlet inside to be a bit more in depth in terms of the extracts used as it doesn't give much information in this regard just more of the general benefits.


Overall it is a good shower gel but at the price I was expecting something a little more special.


  1. sounds good...will love to try it dear.

  2. I've got Vivacite(s) de Bach Eau de Parfum No2 and I must say it is the sexiest fragrance I came across in years....:)