Sunday, 17 October 2010

Glitter Done Well - myface Blingtones Black Ice & Purple Haze

L- Black Ice, R- Purple Haze

A while ago I was quite close to buying some of the Urban Decay Stardust eyeshadows but when I thought about it I decided not too as they are glittery - would I really use these that much day to day? But while browsing Boots the other week I tested out some of the myface blingtone shades. I had overlooked these before, but that day I was completely taken in and all previous thoughts about glitter were forgotten.

The texture is lovely as they are quite smooth and don't feel chalky or gritty considering how shimmery these are. These are unashamedly sparkly and the glitter almost has a slight foil effect to it which the light catches in a very pretty way. The shimmer is not an overspray and the particles are fine but run through the powder in quite a dense way which give that overall super-sparkly effect .

With flash L- Black Ice, R- Purple Haze

Natural light  L- Black Ice, R- Purple Haze
Black Ice has a black base with slivery/white shimmer, and this one I use quite lightly. It is not a deep, dark black, it has a slight charcoal tone to it which compliments the glitter nicely.

Purple Haze is a pink toned lilac shade which in the pan looks more purple then how it swatches. It has the same silvery/white shimmer as Black Ice but as the base is lighter, the glitter doesn't stand out in the same way. I have been wearing this to work, keeping the rest of my face quite natural and then using this all over the lid and applying slightly denser in the centre. This one is my favourite as I love the tone of the lilac as it is a bit warmer and looks so pretty.

Ok so they sound wonderful but one thing is the fall out, even pressing these on to the lid still results in a little fall-out which is hard to get rid of (I have found the rolled up sellotape tip from A Model Recommends blog very useful). Usually I like using my MAC 228 brush for applying loose eyeshadows or where there is likely to be fall-out as I feel I get more control with this as it's a bit smaller but I think a sponge-tip applicator may be better.

Despite this issue I am impressed with these as the difference in texture make them seem a bit more unique then the average glitter product.

These are £9.99 in larger Boots and currently on 3 for 2.

Disclaimer: purchased by me

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