Sunday, 1 May 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Swatches

From Top Left Clockwise: Mysterious Tinamou, Tantalizing Lovebird, Abyssinian Catbird, Fire-Tailed Sunbird, Veiled Lyrebird, Solstice Halcyon

Along with the Gleaming Temptations lipglosses, the Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Eyeshadows are also some of my favourite things from the range.

These are buttery soft, smooth, well pigmented and also have beautiful fine shimmer/sheen that isn't chunky and doesn't fall-out all over the place.

Here are the shades I have in my collection:

019 Mysterious Tinamou
Mysterious Tinamou is a deep blue with a hint of a slight green tone. When blended out you can make out slightly the very fine silver/pale blue shimmer.

012 Tantalizing Lovebird

Tantalizing Lovebird is a warm reddish pink rose shade. This one I like to use as an all over lid colour then having a little of the Fire-Tailed Sunbird in the inner corner as a highlight.

015 Abyssinian Catbird
I have posted about Abyssinian Catbird previously in one of my FOTD posts, this one is a stunning golden khaki/olive shade. Even though all the shades are well pigmented, for me this one is the richest in one swipe.

013 Fire-Tailed Sunbird
Fire-Tailed Sunbird is a lovely warm peach with a faint hint of pink to it. This for me makes a great highlight shade and is one I use a lot for the inner corner and also pair with many other warm shades.

027 Solstice Halcyon

Solstice Halcyon is a neutral taupe that has a more natural satin finish rather then shimmer. It is quite close to my natural lid colour (maybe a tiny bit paler and cooler) but as it has good pay-off I do notice the shade so it doesn't disappear completely into my natural colouring and not show up. It is more subtle but one I like for the inner half of my lid and also for blending ontop of other shades.

011 Veiled Lyrebird

Veiled Lyrebird looks to be similar to Tantalizing Lovebird but where as TL is more rose-toned, this is more copper toned but does have a faint hint of pink to it. This is one of my favourite go-to shades for a natural day look as I just use it all over the lid.

L-R: Abyssinian Catbird, Mysterious Tinamou, Tantalizing Lovebird, Veiled Lyrebird, Fire-Tailed Sunbird, Solstice Halcyon
L-R: Abyssinian Catbird, Mysterious Tinamou, Tantalizing Lovebird, Veiled Lyrebird, Fire-Tailed Sunbird
L-R: Tantalizing Lovebird, Veiled Lyrebird, Fire-Tailed Sunbird, Solstice Halcyon

Each compact of eyeshadow is 2.4g for £22, available from (not an affiliate link)

*All purchased by me*


  1. They look so pretty that I'd be scared to use them as the imprint would fade..

    Apart from that, I find this brand a bit expensive for what it is, I've never seen them produce colours which cannot be duplicated (and aren't) by other brands.

  2. Great pictures, I really should get round to buying Mysterious Tinamou :)

  3. That's such a beautiful collection! I have ordered the Abyssinian Catbird and can't wait to get it, I guess it's one of the most popular RBR colours. x Klara

  4. These are all gorgeous! I have three of the colors you highlighted and I LOVE THEM! Abyssinian Catbird is one of my all time favorite shadows. Such a glorious color and so soft and bendable. I actually wore it today x jeanie

  5. Hi Rhamnousia
    I have been using the side of the pan so not to disturb the imprint too much at first! I think some of the shades are more unique then others and agree that they are pricey, but when I compare the size of these to something like MAC eyeshadows, you are getting more product with RBR so from a gram perspective it actually works out about the same (well that's how I like to justify the cost anyway;)

    Hi Replica
    Mysterious Tinamou is one of my favourite blues, such beautiful depth.

    Hi Klara
    Abyssinian Catbird is definitely one of their stand-out shades and I think it makes a good introduction to the brand.

    Hi Jeanie
    It is glorious! I really like the blendability of these too.

  6. These are lovely swatches. You are definitely tempting me with some of the lighter shades! x

  7. Meeta, I am being sent the RBR in Solstice Halcyon and you are making me most anxious to receive it. This will be my first foray into RBR.

  8. Hi Jane
    I think Firetailed Sunbird is my fave from the lights, it has such pretty tones in it.

    Hi Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup
    Yay! I hope you enjoy it, Solstice Halcyon is a great staple taupe.

  9. Soltice Halcyon is on its way to me and I'm drooling over the swatch that you did of it. It looks so pretty on, I hope it looks just as nice on me.

  10. Hi Jane
    Fire-tailed Sunbird is my fave from the lighter shades, it has such pretty tones.

    Hi Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup
    Strange, I am sure I published and replied to your previous comment - Blogger seems to be playing tricks!
    Solstice Halcyon seems to be a flattering shade on many skin tones so I think would look lovely on you.

  11. I'm still coming back to this post and looking at your swatches as I'm about to make a Zuneta order. This is so helpful, thankful!

  12. Hi Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup,

    I'm glad this post has been useful, looking forward to seeing what you get from Zuneta!