Saturday, 14 May 2011

Becca Resurfacing Primer Review

The quest for a perfect primer continues! In the spotlight today is Becca's Resurfacing Primer - Line & Pore Minimising & Mattifying formula. I immediately loved the texture of this when I tested a little on counter and this is basically what I based my purchase on. It's a soft, velvety cream that has a tiny siliconey feel to it but not in the same way as something like Smashbox Photofinish or similar as this has 'special sebum-absorbing polymers' that help to refine the look of the skin.

It feels light and smoothes on nicely, slightly diffusing the look of pores and softening the appearance of fine lines, giving a natural matte finish. I find it does help my makeup last a bit longer and reduce shine on my t-zone. I always have to powder this area anyway throughout the day but with this my skin doesn't get as shiny.
As I do have combo/acne-prone skin, I am always weary of face makeup clogging my pores/breakouts etc  but this has been fine to use, with no adverse effects.
Only a little is needed as it does seem to glide well over the skin and as I don't use it everyday I have a lot left in the tube even though I've had this since February.

A little squeezed out
Spread out the finish is invisible


All in all a great primer, I actually notice a difference when using it and it is more of what I want from a primer. I would be keen on trying Becca's other primers as this is my first one from them.

*Purchased by me*


  1. That sounds really good, I'm quite tempted by their Radiance Primer. Did you pick up anything from their spring range? I got one of the nail polishes, eye liners and blushers and really like them x

  2. Hi Replica
    I haven't got anything from the Spring collection yet but am hoping to get a chance to check it out on counter. I really love the look in the Zuneta video, the products look really versatile and pretty (the dog was cute too!)
    I hope you do a post on what you got, I would love to hear your thoughts.

  3. I am really tempted to pick this up via a Zuneta order. I also scanned the ingredients and was pleased to see there was no oil in it (at least from what I could read!). Thanks for introducing this to me.

  4. Hi Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup
    Many of the ingredients elude me but I don't think there is oil it in. It does feel lovely to use which is something I am appreciating with Becca products.