Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Superdrug MUA Nail Polish Shade 5

Superdrug Makeup Academy Nail Polish - Shade 5

No fancy nail polish names here, but for £1, I'm not complaining - it's the colour that's talking to me. This is a beautiful aquamarine/jade shade - slightly more blue based rather then yellow.

This is with two coats and after a couple of days so there is a tiny bit of tip wear but overall this polish is a nice formula - not too thick or thin (it beats some higher priced formulas). Brush is standard but maybe a tiny bit flatter, so application is rather good.

This is almost an exact dupe of Essie Turquoise and Caicos - I don't have the Essie, but during work a person noticed my nails and thought I had on the same Essie polish as her (I am pretty sure it's T&C but she didn't say the shade name). 

I did check out the new OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection and had a look at how this compares to Mermaid's Tears and the OPI is slightly murkier and greener.  I am glad I checked this out as I prefer the MUA - so that's another one crossed off my lust list!


  1. What a bargain, I do like the colour but I think you have the nail plates to show it off, mine are a bit titchy so it would be a bit wasted, but for £1 perhaps a good toenail polish, oh wait a minute I had forgotten that I have horns for toe nails ;-) Jan x

  2. Hi Jan - you do make me laugh!

    I think when it comes to polish on my toe nails I am not very adventurous, I mainly use my favourite Rimmel Funtime Fushia or nice red/pink/coral.

  3. nice http://sparklingmakeup.blogspot.com/