Monday, 9 May 2011

Becca Yasmina & Olesya Sheer Lip Tints and Natural FOTD

L-R: Olesya, Yasmina

Becca Sheer Lip Tints make up some of my favourite lip formulas as they are creamy, and despite the name 'sheer', actually have a good level of colour so that they don't apply as sheer as say something like a Rouge Coco Shine. The packaging is slick and practical with a screw lid so no chance of this opening up in your bag. They are fragranced with a sweet, toffee sort of scent that I rather like as well.

Olesya is a neutral brown with a faint hint of rose, it is like the deepest tone in my lip so makes a great 'my lips but better' shade. This is only a recent acquisition but I am loving this as it is such a perfect natural shade and is so lovely and creamy. 

Yasmina is a paler nude shade that is slightly cooler toned. This one is a little paler then my lips but as the texture is semi-sheer, it's not too bad and I like using this with more darker eye looks. I got this one when they first released their lip tints and I asked the assistant what colour the model was wearing in the pic as I loved how it looked not thinking will it suit me?

L-R: Olesya, Yasmina
L-R: Olesya, Yasmina
Bare Lips

I couldn't get a a good one of Olesya on the lips when I took the Lip Tint pics but today I did a quite a simple, natural look with Olesya on the lips (it appears a little deeper in real life as the pic washes it out a little) . This is taken after a day at work.

Maxfactor Xperience Weightless Foundation: 85 Deep Soapstone around sides/forehead
Diorskin Nude Liquid Foundation 300 on centre of face/cheeks
Ellis Faas Concealer S205 - undereyes
MAC Accentuate from Sculpt and Shape Powder to highight on cheekbones
I did have on MAC Breath of Plum blush but it has faded away as I only used it lightly

Rouge Bunny Rouge Solstice Halcyon e/s all over lid
EDIT: Virgin (not Naked) from UD Naked palette on inner corner
NARS Larger Than Life Lengthening mascara

Becca Olesya on lips


  1. I really like Olesya on you, it looks lovely! I like your makeup look very much too. It sounds like you're putting the tips into practice from the Masterclass! x

  2. Hi Jane. Yep, I got out my duo brush and put it to use! That masterclass was great, it really helps when you see how a pro applies products.

  3. I really was curious about the Oleysa and thanks to your review, I might need it after all.

  4. Yasmina looks absolutely FANTASTIC. What a great nude tone :) Wish I could find Becca in Canada...
    Have a great one! x

  5. Hi Ammie
    Glad I could help:) Olesya is getting a lot of attention from me, love it!

    Hi xNTA
    Thank you, Yasmina is one of my favourite nudes.
    It is a shame not being able to view Becca in person as they have some gorgeous products although some websites that stock Becca (like Zuneta) do ship internationally.