Thursday, 19 August 2010

Review: Ruby & Millie Lip Colour - Pink 415 Matte

I had quite a few of those £5 off No7/Ruby & Millie vouchers to spend in Boots so I had a good look at the Ruby & Millie stand and came across these lipsticks. I like Ruby & Millie, price wise they are similar to MAC but I think that it is justified as the quality on most products is good and I like the distinct packaging with the good size. However this is not reflected by the condition of the stand in my local Boots as it is almost always in a bit of a sorry state. I think that these lipsticks are fairly new but I was only able to test a few colours as some of the testers had fallen in the holes or were missing or had been abused so they didn't look nice to test - you get the idea. Despite this I was not deterred and continued to explore the offering.

I chose this shade - Pink 415 matte:

Ruby & Millie Lip Colour - Pink 415 Matte

Natural light. Nail polish is Model's Own Top Turquiose
The name says this is a pink but on the face of it, it doesn't look that pink. It is more of a brick type brown with a pink tone that has a subtle brightness which lifts the complexion a little. Not in the same way a red would but it's one of those shades that is great if you are a bright-lippie-shy but want a bit of colour. This is not a shade I previously have had in my collection.
The texture on this is lovely - even though it is a matte, it is a creamy matte shade with good pigmentation to cover the lips but without making them look dry. Slightly moisturising but not overly so and though not long-lasting, wears fairly well and fades evenly.

My only gripe with this is the packaging. While I love the simple and sleek gunmetal finish with the lovely engraving (no cheap sticker here), the lid on this is tight so sometimes I have to pull a little to get it off and one time found I had pulled the bottom part off (although this was easily put back and did not effect the working). The lid does click very firmly into place with a noticeable click sound so I don't think it would come off in your bag. Maybe the lid will loosen with more use? Would this stop me from buying it again? No, I very much like the actual lipstick, it has a quality feel and I would be happy to purchase other colours. The packaging could do with that little bit of refinement just to compliment the quality of the lipstick, but overall I am happy with this purchase.

These are £11.50 which is a pound cheaper then MAC, definitely the higher end of the drugstore but I think it is worth it.

Disclaimer: Purchased by me with £5 off using a Boots voucher. I love Boots.


  1. Oooh, that looks really nice. I have about 5 of those vouchers that need spending, I've got my eye on things that I want but my Boots is seldom stocked properly :(

  2. My local branch overall is fairly well stocked but some brands like Ruby & Millie are neglected which is a shame as they do some great products.

  3. That looks really nice, I tend to forget about that brand, the display in my local store is a state as well! mind you come to think of it quite a lof of the displays are bad in my boots, I know with UD the testers always seem to be stolen and sometimes things look like they are ripped out!