Sunday, 22 August 2010

Pretty in Pink: NARS Arabesque Nail Polish

My first forray into NARS nail polish and I am very much liking this glitter polish:

Please excuse the tip on the forefinger (I nicked it before it completely dried). The pic is with 3 coats.
Arabesque has an antique rose pink sheer base with the same tone of pink glitter. The glitter particles are bigger in this, but because they are suspended in the pink base, the overall effect is rather pretty and for me not too disco-ballesque. As you can see there is visible nail line although I think this was more to do with my application skills as I applied this in semi-darkness). Overall the coverage is quite good, not completely opaque, but not too sheer either.
I was in Selfridges yesterday and a sales advisor asked me what the colour was on my nails and grabbed a colleague to show her as well as she thought it was a more 'classy' pink glitter. Maybe, but all I know is that I love the shade. I had been looking for a pink glitter polish like this and just came across it one time while browsing at the counter.
This was £13 for 15ml.

Disclaimer: Purchased by me

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