Tuesday, 31 August 2010

myface.cosmetics - R&B Blusher - Med/Dark - Night Fever

iPod-esque packaging (please excuse the smear)

myface.cosmetics - R&B Blusher - Med/Dark - Night Fever; this is something I bought from Boots a while ago and have recently rediscovered in my collection so thought I'd review.

Comes in quite a distinct, long case in quite a techy sort of style. I like it generally as it has the slight mirrored finish and looks rather sleek but I am not keen on it opening on the short edge as it seems more cumbersome. The brush is ok for on the go but I don't use it as it's not the softest brush out there.

Onto the powder itself - this is beautiful, the quality feels much more then the 10 odd pound I paid for it as it's smooth, quite buttery and incredibly well pigmented so only a light touch is needed. The colour is a gorgeous coral/pink shot through with gold.

with flash
natural light



myface is priced at the higher end of the drugstore, but from the few products I've tried, the price is justified in the quality of the products.
myface cosmetics is available in larger Boots stores and definitely worth checking out.

Disclaimer: purchased by me

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