Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Perfectly Pale: Dior Vernis 189 Pink Porcelain

Dior Vernis 189 Pink Porcelain

This is a shade I am sure that there are dupes for that don't cost as much as Dior, but in my moment of Dior polish delirium, I saw it in it's posh bottle with faint silver sparkle suspended within and thought 'I had to have it'.

Looking at the bottle this is a very light pink that on my nails leans slightly warmer and peachier which I rather like as I think it works better against my skintone. There are faint flecks of silver sparkle, but it is very subtle and it's only when you look a bit closer in certain light that they are visible, but this does give a little lift to the shade and stops it from looking completely flat/tippex like.

This one was not my favourite in terms of formula for a Dior polish, it's a little thick and I used 3 coats to get a completely opaque coverage.

*Purchased by me*


  1. That's very pretty and such a classic tone. I wonder why such a simple color would have such a difficult formula? Drives me crazy how different all the polish consistencies are! Thanks for the review x jeanie

  2. Too bad about the formula. I must say that I think it looks stunning on you. I too suffer from "Dior delirium" so I get it. I hope the next Dior polish works out for you, as I'm sure there will be a next one. :)

  3. Hi, I just came upon your blog and it's really nice! I find the products you review intersting! This color is really nice but I think I would definitely have a hard time applying this as well as you did!

  4. Hi Jeanie
    It's not too bad a formula, just a little thicker then I would have liked. I do love the colour so I'm not disappointed.

    Hi Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup
    It's still workable and the lovely finish makes up for it. I am already contemplating my next shade;)

    Hi productdoctor
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    I think I prefer the old straight Dior polish brushes rather then these new tapered ones (I think it makes it slightly easier to apply), but they still are among my favourites for nail polish.