Friday, 12 August 2011

Back in Time: MAC Phosphor Nail polish

MAC Phosphor Nail Polish
MAC Phosphor was released in summer 2008 as part of MAC's Neo Sci-Fi collection. It's a beautifully bright, electric deep yellow that is a frost finish. Shown with 2 coats. I initially thought that the YSL polish released this summer was similar but that is a lighter yellow golden shade and doesn't have quite the kick this does. 

I know this was limited edition, but it is one of my favourite polishes and stands out as one of my favourite MAC purchases. It is a polish that attracts attention and I do get comments on it when I wear it. If it is ever repromoted in the future, I'd thoroughly recommend it.

It's definitely a colour that never fails to make my day just a little brighter:)

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