Monday, 15 August 2011

W3LL People Narcissist Supernatural Foundation

W3LL People Narcissist Supernatural Foundation
I am increasingly trying to find more natural base alternatives with the hope of if I keep everything as pure as possible, it might help bring some harmony to my acne-prone skin. I do find this tough because apart from mineral makeup, I haven't come across a good alternative for a cream/liquid foundation from a natural brand.

After seeing this post on London MakeUp Girl, it drew my attention to a promising sounding product by a brand I've not heard of before - W3LL People and their Narcissist Supernatural Foundation. I am quite fond of stick foundations (takes me back to the Maybelline 3 in 1 which was one of my first foundations), although not a great deal of brands produce them. Laura Mercier did an excellent one but unfortunately it's been discontinued.

I recently made a trip to Content Beauty in London so I could test this in person. It's been a while since I've visited the store so I had a good browse in the Aladdin's cave of natural beauty.

W3LL People Narcissist Supernatural Foundation No.5
I bought the No.5 shade which is a perfect match for my NC40/42ish skin as it has a good base of yellow tones and doesn't look orange.

Natural Light

Natural light. Blended into skin

Flash. Blended into skin

As you can see it blends in very nicely and the foundation is not discernible on my skin looking completely natural.

The texture of this is interesting as it's creamy but not in an emollient way, rather slightly drier cream but not hard and waxy. It's quite deceptive as initially you might think it will look cakey but it doesn't, it's just blends seamlessly into the skin leaving a natural soft finish that is not dewy. This doesn't require any powdering but as I do get shine breakthrough on the t-zone I do use some translucent powder to finish. The coverage of this is buildable from sheer to medium. It evens out the skin tone nicely and offers some coverage of blemishes but I find some of my more deeper coloured marks it doesn't cover completely. It feels comfortable on the skin and I haven't experienced any adverse effects.

I use my fingers or a flat synthetic brush (like my Shu No.10) to apply as anything softer and I can't pick up enough product to get the medium coverage I prefer.
The staying power is very good as it lasts the whole day (I used this on a recent hot day and it held up well), and the colour stays true. I find I don't need to keep doing powder touch-ups as I don't get as oily on the t-zone, today I didn't bother and I was only a little shiny by the end of the day.

It's great to see a natural formula that works as well (if not better) then a more chemical based one as it's been easier for me to find this in skincare, but not so much in makeup. W3LL People has definitely changed this.

Sunflower oil* infused with green tea,** reishi mushroom,*** and wild harvested bayberry; castor oil, beeswax,**** silica, essential oils, safflower oil, pomegranate extract, tocopherol [+/- titanium dioxide, iron oxides, mica].
*certified organic, stellar; **certified organic, qai; ***certified organic, oregon tilth; ****certified organic, kosher keunen.

This is £28 from Content


  1. I'm so glad you like this. I've been really impressed by mine - I agree completely on the texture, it's a dry cream, which sounds odd, but works well.

  2. I wanted this after seeing London MakeUp Girl's post as well. It really sounds and looks great but I think the lightest shade would be too dark.

  3. Hi Grace
    Cream products seem to be a bit hit and miss with me but I love this:)

    Hi Replica
    It is a shame that the shade selection is not wide as this is a lovely product.

    When browsing in Content, Vapour cosmetics had some very unusual and interesting textured products and the shade range looked good too. I would like to try this line as well.

  4. oooh just looked at that Vapour cosmetics online and it does look interesting, have you heard much about them?

  5. Hi Replica
    I haven't heard much (only what I have read on the website) but Grace has reviewed some of the products and they seem lovely too.

    The foundation texture feels very unique and it's hard to believe that it's natural as has a smoothing, primer like quality to it and looks like it will give good coverage.
    I was very tempted to get this but I am trying to be good;)

  6. I too have wanted to try this since Grace's post but having a slew of foundations, TMs and sticks to work through I think this goes on my everlasting list, but it looks good. Thankyou. Jan x

  7. great post!

  8. Hi Jan
    I am trying to streamline my base products but still have got quite a few foundations to work through although I wanted another natural alternative to use as the only other natural one I have is Lily Lolo (which I love too).

    Hi Carlijn

  9. Good to have the reviews of the various products as it helps to understand whether we are with the right one.I think the trial should be on the face if it is a facial cosmetic.

  10. Thank you for your review, looking at the shades online I actually thought I was a no.5 as I am black and have yellow/olive undertone but now looking at you picture I know we are not the same complexion. If you can, having see the foundation in person what shade do you think someone who is NC50 in mac can use? Anyone who knows can help.

    1. Hi Chama
      It's hard for me to say as it's been a while since I saw the shades in real life and I don't think I looked at all the colours, I think when I was browsing, I happened to pick up the right shade as the older packaging had a clear lid so you could see the shade. I've had a look on the US site and it says you can order samples. Being Content (UK based) also has a sampling service so that might be worth a shot. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful!