Monday, 4 April 2011

Models Own Pro - On Lapis

Models Own Pro 050 On Lapis

I really love ashamedly bright shades, and this one has a lovely vibrancy to it that I can't help but glance at every so often. On Lapis is a beautiful turquoise colour that has a tiny hint of a green undertone, but mainly appears blue.
The formula in this is a little thick and the first coat applied a bit streaky, I think 2 would have been okay but I have done 3 coats to get a fully opaque finish. This lasted fairly well with it chipping a bit on the 3rd day but only a little tip wear. Personally, I prefer the formula in the regular Models Own  line, with their Grace Green shade being one of my favourites in terms of texture as it's not too thin and not thick and applies beautifully (sort of reminds me a bit of OPI).

The Pro range is 3 Free and has Vitamin E and UV filters. I have never noticed the colour of my polishes being effected by the light so the UV filter aspect doesn't really make me more likely to buy these. You get 1ml more (15ml then 14ml) and the brush looks the same as the regular line so no pro-style adjustments there.

The big draw for me in the Pro range is the colour selection - for a polish addict there are some beautiful shades where I was rather spolit for choice and I did end up getting quite a few different colours. I have tried 4 shades so far and the formula in some are better then others but I had hoped it would be a more noticeable improvement. While they are generally okay, I don't think they're better then their existing line so don't feel it is worth the £8 price tag. For that price I prefer the formula of OPI or similar.

The Models Own Pro range is available at larger Boots stores.

*Purchased by me*

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  1. Beautiful shade! Haven't tried anything from Models Own, really tempted though because there are some lovely shades available.