Thursday, 21 April 2011

REN joins the Brightening Brigade: New Radiance Range

It seems 2011 is the year for a brighter complexion as there are several brands that are coming out with ranges to boost the skin's radiance and even the texture and tone of the skin. Another one to join the fray is a firm favourite of mine, Ren, which of course I am very excited about and eager to try. 

The Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is an existing product but is now part of a dedicated line of products that form their new Radiance range, other products include:

Micro Polish Cleanser
Radiance Perfecting Serum
AHA Resurfacing Concentrate

Their website descriptions sounds interesting, I think initially the serum is one I might consider as I am currently not using any sort of serum but there is their new Hydracalm serum as well that I rather like the sound of.

*Adding to my 'To Try' list*


  1. Oh this is really interesting. I've been using the Glycolactic peel as part of my quest to even my skin pigmentation. I will look into this, thanks for bringing it to my attention!
    Jane x

  2. Hi Jane
    I do like the Glycolactic peel mask, I hope the new products are just as good. Looking forward to reading more on your quest for evenness!