Monday, 18 April 2011

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser Review

I like interesting skincare, with lovely textures and beautiful scents, it really adds to the whole ritual when you have a product that you enjoy using as well as getting good results. Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser is a product that ticks a lot of boxes for me in this respect and is something I have repurchased several times.

This is a natural sugar based exfoliator that emulsifies into a whiteish lather when mixed with water and rinses away very easily leaving the skin feeling squeaky clean, but not dry. As it has sugar particles in it, I only use a light hand to apply this to the skin as otherwise it may feel slightly abrasive, but as it does emulsify, it doesn't feel as harsh as if you were using a conventional sugar scrub and it does contain rather soothing ingredients such as calendula, lavender and chamomile as well. It is suitable for most skin types but is not recommended for rosacea or cystic acne.

There are different exfoliators that I favour for different benefits - this one I like in particular for helping to cleanse the pores as it feels really deep cleansing and it does seem to visibly make the pores look clearer (although it doesn't shrink them unfortunately).  It also has a rather yummy lemon scent that I like (which is kind of what drew me back to this product a little, as well as the pore benefits). I usually use this about 3 times a week (in the past I have used it every evening without issue). This is a good one if you prefer particle based exfoliators and want a product that feels like it is doing something.


This comes in 30ml and 120ml sizes - they often have the larger size in a set with travel sizes of their other products.
Suki is a brand that is not greatly available instore, Wholefoods stock it and I think places like Planet Organic might have it. It is much more readily available online, my favourites stockists being Naturisimo and Lovelula (not affiliate links).

*Purchased by me*

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  1. This sounds so interesting! I love facial exfoliators and have been wanting to try something from this brand for a* l o n g* time! Thanks for the review! x jeanie