Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Louise Young Super Foundation Brush LY34

Louise Young is a brand that I've only really got to know about through watching Pixiwoo's wonderful YouTube vids, with the larger foundation brushes being the ones that appealed to me, I guess maybe because it looked liked they applied the base quicker and blended nicer.

I recently bought the Super Foundation brush from Fenwicks and it was love at first use. Even though in my Homemade Brush Roll post I said I wasn't able to fit any more brushes in my roll, I couldn't resist this addition. It is a round shape rather then the traditional flatter foundation brushes with the synthetic bristles having a good flexibility (without being floppy) to work around all areas of the face. It is soo soft, and the shape and larger size allow me to quickly apply my foundation without having to blend out any edges because the rounded, subtly tapered end does this easily. This can also be used for applying other face products.

I don't have any issues using my regular foundation brushes like my Ruby & Millie or Lancome, but this just really makes application much simplier and actually rather fun! (not that I find makeup application a chore, I rather like the whole ritual).

a little foundation is left on bristles

Next to my 'normal' sized Lancome foundation brush
I bought this from Fenwicks for £24, which I think is incredibly reasonable for a brush of this size and quality.

Louise Young brushes can also be found directly from (not an affiliate link).


  1. Thank you for this post as that was one I had thought about getting. It sounds great so I'll make sure to get that.
    I don't see many reviews for the brand which I find surprising due to the frequent use on Pixiwoo x

  2. Hi Replica
    When I initially started seeing these on Pixiwoo availability wasn't great, I remember going to Fenwicks ages ago and they had these at the back somewhere, barely visible and not all the stock there and now they have a better display opposite Becca which helps. I am also surprised I haven't seen LY covered more.