Friday, 30 July 2010

Picnic Post: Sweet Beetle's House

Picnic post is my little random rambling, and this week I was in London on Wednesday and I went to the V&A Museum to check out the Grace Kelly Style Icon exhibition. The exhibition itself is smaller then I thought it would be as it is located in part of the fashion area. It was still interesting to see the clothes and accessories that she wore in her life but I had hoped to see more imagery as they had a few magazine covers (love old covers) but not much else. 

The exhibition that really captures the imagination is the Architects Build Small Spaces where 7 architects build 7 different spaces which are located in different parts of the V&A. I saw 5 of the 7 structures, but my favourite one was the Beetle's House by Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori

Here is the house:

How cute is that!
I love exhibits like these where you can interact with the space as you are allowed to go climb inside the house (but you do have to take your shoes off). Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of the inside but there is moulded seating. I love the whimsical quality, it sort of reminds me of something I might come across in the animated film Howl's Moving Castle (I love Hayao Miyazaki animations). Terunobu Fujimori is worth checking out if you love interesting architecture as he has created some amazingly unusual but beautiful buildings.

Here is another pic which you can just make out my face in the window:

Me in the window

Architects Build Small Spaces is at the V&A until the 30th August 2010 and is free entry.
Grace Kelly, A Style Icon is until 26th September 2010 and is £6 (if bought at the museum in person).

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