Friday, 23 July 2010

Welcome to MakeUp Picnic!

I am hugely passionate about all things health and beauty related and enjoy reading all the fab blogs in the beauty community. I have been umming and aarring about starting this blog (as well I writing posts in my head) but I told myself to just do it!

Anyway welcome to MakeUp Picnic!

I hope to cover a great many beauty related topics, varying from high-end to low-end cosmetics as there are so many brands out there with wonderful things to offer.

A little about me - I am a general cosmetic enthusiast with a background in art and design. I do love using more natural based skincare and generally prefer this but I do stray on occasion;) My skin is combination/acne-prone so I am always on the quest for products that help keep my skin in check. Makeup wise I like to explore, but generally I play up the eyes and keep a neutral lip.

Let's get cracking!

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