Thursday, 29 July 2010

Prestige Baked Mineral Blushes: A Budget Alternative to a MSF?

I have several MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes which I use every now and then, Warmed being my favourite. However, in reality when I cast aside their pretty veined looks, as blushes/highlighters they are not the best in comparison to other brands. I can't help it, I am always tempted by these and am at the MAC counter faster then you can say 'Mineralize Skinfinish'.
This leads me onto Prestige, and their Skin Loving Minerals Fresh Glow Baked Mineral Blushes (a lovely long-winded name) which are a similar sort of product to an MSF. They come in 4 shades - 01 Pink, 02 Natural, 03 Peach and 04 Terra Rosa.

Here are pics of the all 4 shades (pics can be enlarged):

01 Pink on left,  02 Natural on right

03 Peach on left, 04 Terra Rosa on right
L-R-  01 Pink,  02 Natural,  03 Peach,  04 Terra Rosa

L-R-  01 Pink,  02 Natural,  03 Peach,  04 Terra Rosa

These are swatched heavily with my finger, when used with a brush they are not as heavily pigmented as say an Illamasqua blush, but they provide enough payoff to give a natural blush look. What I like most about these is they blend well into the skin and don't look powdery. Pink and Terra Rosa are my favourites which I use as blushes whereas Natural and Peach I use as highlighters.
The shimmer on these is rather fine so that they impart a nice glow. Closer up there are some very tiny glitter particles in Natural. There is not much different between Natural and Peach, Peach is ever so slightly warmer.
The staying power on these is reasonable, on my skin they don't last all day (about 5 hours) but fade evenly so there is a little colour left. 

These are not however perfect:
The packaging - I don't mind the clear casing on these, it's nothing special but the plastic around the hinges easily chips off and as I was photographing these a metal hinge fell out.

The price - these are considerably small for a blush at only 1.5g and the price is £7.99. Many blushes have at least 5g of product. If I would compare these to a MAC MSF which typically have about 9g, the Prestige ends up being the more costly product at £47.94 for 9g! From this perspective they could consider making these bigger and better packaged. The baked mineral bronzers from Prestige are 8g so I don't quite understand why there is such a difference in sizing.

Overall I love the blushes themselves, they are my go-to blushes but price and packaging is an issue.
This was supposed to be more of a rave but it's turned into a bit of a meh review. Oh well.

Disclaimer: These were purchased by me


  1. These look pretty. I haven't tried Prestige products, think I might have to give them a go.

  2. if i can ask what colour is the shimmer in the pink one cause i cant really see it clearly in the pictures is it really cool toned? cause pink with warm shimmer always turns peachy on me

  3. Hi Anonymous
    The shimmer in the pink is a more sheen rather then glitter shimmer. I would say it's slightly warmer as when I blend the blush out so it's more sheer the colour does lean more warm, peachier pink in tone. Hope that helps.