Sunday, 25 July 2010

From Indifference to Love: Liz Earle Spot-On

Liz Earle Spot-On is a lovely little rollerball bottle of a blend of natural Vitamin E and pure essential oils which can be used to treat blemishes, bites and cuts. 

Initially when I bought this a few years back I used it a few times but was underwhelmed and it sat in my drawer for several months when one day I had a particularly horrible breakout and rooting around found this and gave it another go. I am so glad I did because it really helped to bring the redness and inflammation down gradually. I think for me it helps for more redder bumps rather then smaller spots (although it's not bad on those either). What I like about this in particular is that it is alcohol and water free so I can apply it as much as I want throughout the day without it drying out my skin. It says that it can even be applied over make-up but I do not like doing this with any spot treatment.

Currently my skin has calmed down quite a bit with regard to spots, so nowadays I use this after threading or waxing eyebrows/upper lip to help soothe the area and bring down redness. I find this also helps prevent spots forming after threading and waxing which I am prone to on my face.

Since those early misguided days of thinking this product was another crappy spot treatment, I have done a complete 180 and continued to repurchase this, with one of these rollerballs lasting me about a year (I only use it on my face). This is my favourite Liz Earle product and an absolute essential for me.

I bought this for £7.75 from the Liz Earle store in London.

A list of ingredients:

Does anyone have any products they didn't like at first but now love?

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me

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