Monday, 19 September 2011

NOTD: YSL Black Bronze (126)

YSL Black Bronze is one of the three limited edition nail colours from the new Noir Couleurs collection for autumn/winter.
I was eagerly anticipating this release, all the promo imagery I've seen online is gorgeous and in real life it doesn't disappoint. I did get all three nail polish shades but today I've worn Black Bronze, a gorgeous, deep dark slightly olive-toned bronze.

The formula is on the slightly thicker side but it applies well, no dragging and is fully opaque in just one coat which I am very impressed with. This appears darker on the nails then it does in the bottle which is the same for all three shades but I love it as it's not too dark that it looks almost black.

This is smaller then their regular polishes at 6ml for £15 (their regular size is 10ml for £16.50) which is expensive and not much of a reduction in price considering you get 40% less. 
I don't know if it's just me and my slight packaging OCD but I don't like it when they change up the sizes of their product so that it doesn't sit as nicely aesthetically with the larger size bottle - not sure why they do this.

Despite my little rant I can't really fault the quality in the YSL polishes I have so far and I do adore this shade -  I have been frequently glancing at my nails all day:)


  1. This is lovely! Haven't seen this one yet

  2. the color is really pretty! reminds me of delicious dark chocolate haha

  3. Thats really pretty, how strange about the size, do you know if all their new polishes will be at that smaller size now?

  4. Hi Tee Dee
    I would say it is worth a trip to the counter;)

    Hi Pop Champagne
    Thanks, I think the slight olive tone takes away the chocolate feel a little but the shade is still delicious:)

    Hi Replica
    I'm not sure, I didn't think to ask so will have to find out next time I'm at the counter.

  5. Meeta, I love that color and it looks amazing on you. Thanks for the swatch

  6. Hi Kristina
    No problem! Thanks for your lovely comment:)