Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dangerous Territory...

...the Tom Ford counter at Selfridges that is. I was there on Saturday and had a good play with the newly released full line-up of Tom Ford makeup.

Now I thought I would have much more resolve, I liked looking at other bloggers swatches of the lipsticks, I had even tested some out but I knew (well I thought I knew) that for me personally it was unlikely I would spend that much (on a single colour) and so the previous lipsticks have passed me by and that was fine. I knew my limit, and that was way over it.

So I'm wondering where those thoughts were when browsing led to buying. The blushes and eyeshadows were the items I was most eager to see and indeed I did end up buying one of the Cheek Colours.

Before I get onto swatches let's get the price out of the way first. This is £45. £45!!! I cannot believe I spent this on blush but it seems rational thought goes out the window with Tom Ford's makeup.

Here is the beauty:

The packaging is beautiful, with a magnetic closure that snaps in place nicely so no fiddling with closures and chipping nail polish. The hinge does allow the lid to lie completely flat as well so less chance of accidentally braking the closure.  

Tom Ford Cheek Colour - Ravish (05)

Ravish (05) Cheek Colour is a beautiful tan toned pink. The finish has a silky, micro fine shimmer sheen that imparts a subtle pink luminescence. The shimmer is faint and not very noticeable when applied.

Tom Ford Cheek Colour - Ravish (05)

As you would expect from a blush this crazily priced, it is smooth and very pigmented, so only a light touch is required. These remind me a little of Rock & Republic's blushes that were also very nicely pigmented and smooth (I miss this brand).
I find using a natural bristle brush better (I'm using a Shu 20H), as I can lightly pick up the colour.

Tom Ford Cheek Colour - Ravish (05)

Tom Ford Cheek Colour - Ravish (05)


Ravish is a colour I see myself getting much use from, so although it's at the highest end of the scale, I do love this addition.

I did try the Sahara Pink lipgloss which I really liked as well and as a neutral lippie-lover, there is much more choice in this category in the lipsticks so maybe I will try a lip product next, although maybe not straight away, my credit card needs some rest;)


  1. This is stunning and I imagine it looks gorgeous on you. I'm not surprised you couldn't resist. I need to stay away until I have money!
    Jane x

  2. Noooooooooooo. I wish I had not seen this. Such a beautiful blush! I am not going anywhere near the Tom Ford counter.

  3. Looks beautiful. Am heading Londonwards at end of the month so hoping I will have some money by then otherwise I will end up going home very depressed! You must try the lip products, I adore them. Thanks for the swatches, very useful x

  4. That looks lovely. I am going to get a blush, just trying to decide on which shade, I think there is meant to be a light pink shade so I may go for that one, as should be the safest option ordering site unseen, don't want to make a mistake at this price :)

  5. Hi Jane
    I was intending to stay away but I was in Selfridges anyway and thought there is no harm in looking;)

    Hi Zuzu's Petals
    Sorry! I think maybe I should have stayed clear but I do love this.

    Hi Lipstick Luvvies
    Next time I will explore the lippies more as I didn't get to test many of the colours as it was quite busy. TY:)

    Hi Replica
    The blushes are very pretty, Love Lust that Tali posted about might be nice (although as she mentioned it is a bit peachier then it appears in the pan).

  6. Hi Meeta,
    I am tempted by Love Lust as well, I can't make up my mind which of the 2 to get, but to get both seems a bit too much...maybe.. ;)