Saturday, 13 November 2010

Topshop MakeUp Kohl Eyeliners: Saddle & Petrol

Top - Petrol, Bottom - Saddle

There are some lovely gems in Topshop's makeup line, and these eyeliners are a few of the items that grabbed me when I swatched them instore.

Left - Petrol, Right - Saddle

Saddle is a beautiful brown with faint bronze/copper tones that give a soft metallic shimmer to the shade. It stays well throughout the day without creeping into other areas but it is also great to smudge and create more smokey type looks.

Petrol is a deep teal sort of colour without any noticeable shimmer. I love coloured eyeliners and this one is beautiful.

Top - Saddle, Bottom - Petrol

Both the shades are soft to use, glide on quite well (although not as much as UD 24/7) and have great pigmentation.

I bought these both from Topshop Oxford Circus.

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