Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Reaching for... Rouge Bunny Rouge Devotion Ink Quartz Eyeliner in Anthracite Essence

I don't usually go for liquid liner, much preferring gel liners as they are quite easy to use and last the whole day. Lately I have been reaching for Rouge Bunny Rouge Devotion Ink Quartz Eyeliner in Anthracite Essence (and breathe) and I thought I'd give it a mention.

This is standard looking dip eyeliner, and if you shake it you can hear that there are little balls in the well. This is a deep black with fine quartz particles that give it a pretty shimmering effect but in a subtle and less chunky glitzy way.

What I really like is the brush - it's thin and flexible and allows me to glide the liner on with ease and get a good thin line as well as a thicker line. As this flows nicely it makes it easier when trying to get a winged look on the outer corner. Also it's not scratchy which is something I find with other brushes when lining near the inner corner.

It has the long-wearing qualities of a gel liner but feels much more light and gentle on the eyes.
At £27 it's expensive, but after having used it and seeing the difference in quality I would definitely repurchase this.

Disclaimer: Purchased by me


  1. I'm really loving my ones at the moment too, I still want to get the sparkly lilac one of theirs at some point.

  2. I still haven't indulged with one of these liners but you have reminded me how much I would like to try them. Thank you ;)
    Jane x