Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Accessorize Makeup: The Eyeshadows and a Little EOTD

Accessorize makeup landed in my local Superdrug recently and as I wasn't sure when this was going to be available I was very excited to see it in real life as from glimpses from other blogs it looked like a promising range. On the face of it, it looks like how I would expect Accessorize makeup to look as it has quite pretty embellishment on product packaging which has the whole feel of the brand. I was pleasantly surprised at the price as I expected the items to cost a bit more but a lot of the products are around the £4/£5 mark.

The items that really grabbed my attention are the eyeshadows and the nail polishes as there are quite a good selection of interesting looking shades. The baked blushes/bronzes also looked lovely but on this occasion I didn't get any of those.

Illusion and Icon Eyeshadows
I am very impressed with these - they are a good size at 2.5g each and the quality is smooth (slightly buttery), well pigmented and there is a beautiful array of colours of available.
At £4 each I think these are very good value for money and I certainly would love to get some more of these.

Illusion Eyeshadow: 18 Olive
Icon Eyeshadow: 12 Rich Earth
Illusion Eyeshadow: 15 Vintage Rose
L-R: Rich Earth, Olive, Vintage Rose
L-R: Rich Earth, Olive, Vintage Rose

Merged Eyeshadows
These are similar to something like MAC's mineralize eyeshadows but personally I think these are nicer as there are no chunky bits of glitter. They are a bit deceptive in that when you feel them in the pan they don't feel as smooth or buttery, but when applied to the skin the pay-off is very good - one swipe gives a good level of colour.
These are £4.50 for 3g.
Shade 6 Cocoa
Shade 1 Gunmetal

Top: Cocoa, Bottom: Gunmetal
Top: Cocoa, Bottom: Gunmetal

I did a quick look with Rich Earth on outer half of lid, then Vintage Rose on inner part of lid (mascara is NARS Larger Than Life Lengthening):

The wear on these is good as even on my oily lids there was only a little creasing at the end of the day.

Overall I am very impressed with these, next on the list to review is the nail polish so hopefully the post for that will go up later in the week.

Disclaimer: Purchased by me


  1. Your eyelashes are gorgeous!

    I saw this range in my Superdrug and there was practically nothing left so I didn't stick around to have a proper look, I should really as the range is really good by all accounts.

  2. TY Rhamnousia. My local Superdrug I think only got the range in last week so it was well stocked and I had a good play with the testers. Not sure how long it will last though.

  3. I like the look of these. However I do not recommend the 5 colour shadow palette from Accessorize (guess what I bought first). The texture isn't buttery at all and it's almost impossible to pick up any colour with a brush, even a stiff one from the centre colour in the palette ( a light neutral wash colour). The other shades are a little softer but the colour payoff is still very poor. Looks like the singles are the way to go.

  4. Thanks for the review, I tried to find the range today but it wasn't in my Superdrug and they only have 6 of the makeup items in the Accessorize store, they do like nice, I think I will order some of the nail varnish and single shadows.

  5. Aw I really like your eye makeup! Rich earth kinda reminds me of club by MAC, which I have, so I'll def try out this look =)

  6. @GreatSheElephant
    I kinda skimmed past the 5 colour ones as the colours didn't look as exciting. I am very pleased with the singles.

    It's a bit odd that the Accessorize store don't have the complete range. I am lucky as my local Superdrug seems to be quite a large one as I haven't seen it in some other branches. Hopefully they will have soon.

    Thank you; Rich Earth does remind me of Club or Too Faced Label Whore as it has a similar brown/green duo effect, although I don't have these to compare it with.