Monday, 8 November 2010

Nail Art with Andrea Fulerton Stripe & Sparkle in Patti

This is the look I've created with Andrea Fulerton's Stripe & Sparkle in Patti that I posted about previously here (please excuse the red around the cuticles - the previous polish I had on stained a bit). With me not being particularly ambidextrous, I've done a simpleish wavy line design which I could replicate as well on my right hand. That's the thing I tend to forget when attempting nail art - I can do something good on my left hand but it can look a bit pants on my right hand.

I have used OPI's You Don't Know Jacques as a base colour which in real life looks a bit darker then the pic so the contrast between the YDKJ and the black is not as strong.
This is quite a fun product to use as I quite like sprinkling the glitter over the polish as it's a cute pepper-style sprinkler.

The holographic glitter reflects red, green & blue in the light
Overall this is a great product and I am very tempted to buy more colours but I am on a bit of a nail polish low/no-buy at the moment. I think I may break it with this range;)


  1. That is lovely! You've made me want YDKJ all over again. I never try nail art as just painting my nails is fraught with problems. I love looking at other people clever work though. :)
    Jane x

  2. Adorable! Love the sparkles (=

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