Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Antipodes Ananda Gentle Toner Review

I love toning mists for supplementing my dehydrated, acne-prone skin and this one by Antipodes is gorgeous.

Antipodes is an organic skincare line from New Zealand that uses botanical ingredients and plant extracts, some of which I've never heard of but sound rather interesting:)

This toner uses Waiwera artesian water which springs up from New Zealand earth that is mineral rich and was voted 'Best in the World' of premium bottle waters. It also includes raspberry extract (strengthens skin and decreases moisture loss), marshmallow extract (to soothe) and mamuku black fern extract (to regenerate). It has a delicate rose scent from the Bulgarian rose oil which also feels quite therapeutic.

Sounds quite impressive and having almost finished up my bottle, I do feel this hydrates my skin and is rather soothing and comforting. What I also like about this is that the spray is a fine, even mist so it doesn't require me using cotton pads or wiping away any excess.

Full Ingredients:

I bought this from Lovelula.com


  1. That sounds like my sort of thing, I always seem to go through toners really quick so its always good to find some new ones to try out, thanks for the review x

    1. Hi Replica
      When I like the toner I always end up randomly spraying it throughout the day so I use them up quite quickly as well.

  2. This sounds absolutely delightful! I really like spray toners. I'm in the market for one at the moment and was wondering about Pai but this gives me new food for thought :)

    1. Hi Jane
      I still need to try the Pai one as that sounds lovely also. x