Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sunny Day! Sunny Pink Max Factor Max Effect Nail Polish

I have a bad habit when it comes to buying nail polish, not just that I can't resist buying a new one regularly, but I'll often buy several at a time, then they will sit there for months before I actually use them. This isn't a reflection on the polish itself, but just my very changeable nail polish moods!

Anyway, one polish that I should have cracked open ages ago is this one, Sunny Pink from the Max Effect range by Max Factor.

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish - Sunny Pink

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish - Sunny Pink

Ever since I've applied it I cannot stop glancing at my nails, it's beautiful! Sunny Pink is, as the name would suggest, a golden pale pink - very glowy and ethereal kind of shade and it does look slightly more golden or more pink depending on the light as the above pics show.

I love this as it doesn't contrast a great deal against my skin but compliments it well and gives a polished look with the golden tones giving a nice lift against the dullness I can get sometimes on my dry hands.

This applies very well with two coats being fine for coverage although I've gone for three as this does dry relatively quickly as it's a slightly thinner formula. I haven't used a top coat on this either.

I am loving all these mini sized polishes coming out in the drugstore, perfect for my changeable polish moods:)

I bought this from Boots.

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