Monday, 27 February 2012

Agera Oxy Facial at DestinationSkin

I recently purchased a deal through Groupon for an Agera Oxy facial at Destination Skin and a couple of weeks back I went to have the treatment.

The Agera Oxy facial uses Vitamin C as the key ingredient to brighten and hydrate the skin and I thought it might be beneficial as I have acne-prone skin with scarring.

I have to say that the consultation before the treatment was fantastic - I filled out a form as you would normally but after I had an in-depth discussion as to what my main concerns were in order of priority, the areas of the face where I tended to have the most trouble, my general diet and health, so that we had a clear picture I what I was hoping for and what was achievable with the treatment and also possible course of action for future treatments to address my concerns.

My consultation and treatment was carried out by the clinic manager and even though I like to think I know a little about the skin, she explained in detail and even drew a rough sketch of a cross-section of the skin (like the ones you learn about at school:) and explained what is likely happening on my skin.

Next my skin was more closely looked at through a skin scanner which highlighted my problem areas which for me were in particular the t-zone area where I am prone to a little shininess. She could see where my past acne had been (even without the scanner you can see it) and said that unfortunately on my medium (Indian) skin even if I got a spot and left it alone it would probably still scar - and from experience that is totally the case with me which is one of the things I particularly hate.

I then had my treatment which started off with a cleanse then a Vitamin C exfoliant was lightly massaged on the skin - as the ingredients are active and I had several new blemishes on my face she did not want to cause any damage to the area so it was not like a therapeutic type deep massage. Even though she said I might experience some tingling I didn't have such sensation and it felt comfortable.

Next the activator was applied and again was lightly massaged on the skin. After this was cleansed away and then a serum applied.

I was given a mirror straight after the treatment and to be honest my skin looked rather horrible - the treatment had brought all the impurities to the surface and it made me even more aware of all the blemishes I had (and ones I didn't know I had) - these looked a bit red although the skin in between did look a bit brighter and not as dull. This horrid look didn't last long as when I looked again about 10 minutes later it had all settled down and the following day was when I could really see a bit more clarity to my skin which I was pleased with.

After the treatment we went back to the consultation room and she gave me sunscreen to apply but in the skin scanner so that I could see exactly how the sunscreen protected the skin and those areas under the scanner looked a little violet coloured.

We discussed future treatments and that it may be beneficial to do a course of Vitamin C peels and pumpkin peels which I am definitely considering as I have looked into having a professional peel before elsewhere but not felt particularly confident in going ahead with treatment where I feel more positive now that I've been able to discuss what is involved and what preparation and care is needed when undertaking the treatments.

I have been impressed with my experience at DestinationSkin, not only the treatment but the time taken to discuss your concerns, ask questions (no matter how trivial they may seem) and guidance I was given.

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