Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sugar StripEase

With bare legs being exposed these past few weeks (although not currently as the sun has decided to pack up for the Jubilee weekend), I thought I would share my current favourite hair removal product.

Sugar StripEase is something I have repurchased as it's the most gentlest sugar/wax product I've come across as it's a natural formula of sugar and water.

I favour sugaring for at-home hair removal mainly for my legs as I find it more effective, lasts longer and regrowth seems to be finer on certain leg areas. Also I find using a warm product makes it much less painful than something like a pre-waxed strip.

The product comes in a microwaveable tub which you heat as per instructions provided then use the enclosed spatulas to apply a thin layer over the skin.

In the box you are given washable strips which are quite durable and I have re-used them several times. Personally I think I prefer the more paper type strips as the structure is more tightly packed which I think helps to get more hairs out where as these have a more woven texture which sometimes I find not as effective (although it might be just my lack of waxing skills!)

Once I've finished I find my skin doesn't get so red and bumpy as it would do when using normal wax and any slight redness doesn't take too long to settle down. The product is suitable for most parts of the body although I use it for mostly legs/bikini line.

Sugar StripEase is £9.99 and available from www.sugarstripease.com, and several other online retailers such as Victoriahealth, Feelunique, Amazon and Boots.com


  1. I don't get on well with waxing as my skin just goes very bumpy and red afterwards, this sounds promising so I might give it a try :)

    1. Hi Replica
      I didn't realise there was a difference between waxing and sugaring before I tried the latter. I definitely prefer this.

  2. I have heard of this, although not sure where. I have tried home waxing in the past and got completely hot and bothered with the whole process, especially when all I was left with was resolutely hairy legs but with a coating of very sticky wax on them. This is a great review, so thankyou.

    1. Hi Jan
      There were moments in the past where waxing felt like a lot of hassle (especially as I was scared of doing a full size strip in one go) but as I've used it more frequently, I think I'm getting better. I used to not take enough product on the spatula, but now I find taking a bit more and spreading thinly makes application easier.