Friday, 8 June 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Swift Length Mascara Review

Rouge Bunny Rouge Swift Length Mascara Endless Miracles in Untamed Sable was something I received ages ago as a free gift with purchase from Zuneta, but I had forgotten that I had taken these photos a while back so this is a rather late review.

Anyway onto the mascara - this is RBR's lengthening mascara that has lash conditioning properties from Bamboo, anti-ageing properties from Vitamin E and D-Panthenol for hydration.

The brush is a more traditional medium-sized bristle one that I quite like as I can get to most areas for an even application. The shade I had (as I have now used this up) was brown which gives a natural depth of colour so it's a good one for general day wear or fairer lashes.

Bare lashes

Bare lashes curled

Mascara applied
As you can see the effect is quite natural, giving a little volume at the base of the lashes, some definition and a look with a little more length - more noticeable on the outer corner.

I find this a slightly underwhelming mascara, it naturally enhances the lashes but I would expect a bit more for the £25 price tag as I feel I can get this look with a drugstore mascara.
On the positive, the formula is a nice one as it doesn't flake/smudge/clump/irritate and is quite straightforward to remove with the standard oil/balm makeup removers I use.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is available at


  1. You have lovely lashes and to start with I couldn't tell the difference between the curled pre mascara pic and the post mascara. It is very natural which I like. I have lash envy!

    1. Hi Jan
      Thank you:) It is quite a natural mascara, maybe if I tried the black they would stand out a little more.

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