Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Splurge vs Steal: Deborah Lippmann vs Twist and Out

I do like trying out different nail polish removers, from high end to low-end but an important factor for me is that they don't suck the life out of my naturally dry nails/hands as I change my polish quite frequently.

Deborah Lippmann's The Stripper is one that fits the bill well as it removes polish quickly, while not overly drying my nails. It doesn't have that strong chemical smell either, rather more of a quite soft, floral scent (although I wouldn't go sniffing it any closer!).

The only negative thing is the price - £18 for a 100ml pump-dispenser bottle (I did hesitate for a second when buying this - is it worth £18?) but I think this is one of the nicer high-end removers and it lasted a decent amount of time.

I have recently finished The Stripper and was looking to try the new Bourjois remover but instead I read of Twist and Out's Instant Nail Polish Remover on another blog so picked up one from Savers.

I have never tried any of these instant removers before so was amazed at how they work - it's like magic! There is a sponge inside with a hole which you place your nail in and twist around. At first I was a bit dubious as the sponge isn't firm, but after a few seconds I was surprised to see my polish was completely removed! I could not believe how quickly it worked. Even glitters were much more easier to remove with this (I thought The Stripper made shorter work of these but this beats it by miles).

The packaging is not perfect as ideally I would like to remove the lid fully as it gets in the way a bit when removing the polish, but at the bargain price of 79p, this isn't too much of an issue. I find it leaves the nails a little bit drier than The Stripper, but not as dry as other budget removers I've used in the past. Oddly I find acetone-free removers make my nails feel drier, so I went for the acetone version in this (they do an acetone-free one as well).

Overall, as much as I liked The Stripper, this time the steal wins!

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