Thursday, 3 November 2011

2 years later...

As a 'congratulations on your new smile' I was given a little gift of a box of cupcakes from the orthodontist.

...and my braces are off!

I felt a bit like Chandler in Friends attempting a decent smiley pic!

I was meant to have braces as a kid, and even went for an initial appointment but as I wasn't keen on the dentist and I sort of envisioned it being painful, I never followed it up. 

Now I am no longer nervous about the dentist after having a couple of wisdom teeth out, so I very much wanted to get my teeth sorted. It was a long (and expensive) journey, but very much worth it.

Before (this is about 5 yrs ago), didn't have anything more recent and my ortho pic is horrid! Boy, my eyebrows are thin here!

During - At an Edward Bess Zuneta event last year. Total hair envy here - EB is gorgeous!
I had the visible train track style Damon braces because the adjustments I needed couldn't be achieved with a system like Invisalign. There is an invisible option called Incognito that I could have chosen but that costs a lot more. Within the first month I saw a huge difference and the teeth straightened out fairly quickly. I have had a tooth on each side from the top taken out as I had an overbite of around 8 mm and this is the part which prolonged treatment as it took a long time to close the gap.

I was surprised with the whiteness of my teeth when the braces came off because I was thinking of getting a whitening treatment after, but I think I'll see what I can achieve at home with a whitening toothpaste and the polishing brush head on my Oral B Triumph 5000 toothbrush that I purchased earlier this year. I am looking forward to giving this a proper use as I've been using the orthocare brush heads.

Boy, does it feel good to have these off!


  1. Meeta, your smile is so beautiful and those cupcakes from the orthodontist are a great idea! Btw, what lipstick are you wearing in your first photo? x

  2. Hi Klara
    Thank you for your lovely comment! The cupcakes were a nice surprise and so yummy!
    The lipstick is the Dolce and Gabbana Gloss Fusion in Impact - I'm going to do a post on this very soon.

  3. What a relief for you to have them removed, second Klara's comments too.

  4. I'm so pleased for you, your teeth look great and really white and you have a lovely smile :)

  5. Hi Jan
    Thank you, it does feel great!

    Hi Replica
    Thank you:)