Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Lash Boost: L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum

This is something that has become an essential item for me which I have repurchased so I thought I'd do a review.

I wasn't really looking for any lengthening lash super-serums (they sound a bit scary), as I am happy with my lash length but quite like the idea of making them more nourished and stronger.
I had been interested in the Talika one but my sister has used this and her reaction was so-so to it and at double the price of the L'Oreal I thought I'd give the L'Oreal a go instead (and she is now using this as well).

This is a clear gel texture that dries after a few minutes and it can go a tiny bit flaky after a while although I only use this at night so this doesn't bother me.

The applicator is kind of strange as it's curved to the shape of the lashes and has a soft point end. There are no instructions so I use it like a mascara wand and wiggle the curved part over my lashes then I use the end bit to line the roots of the lashes.

This has helped to make my lashes feel stronger, nourished and I get less fall-out as well.
My lashes also seem to hold better as before sometimes the odd lash would bend inwards and irritate my eyes but this seems to give a slight lift which helps prevent this and also I don't find myself reaching for the eyelash curlers as often.
It has given me a little more length, which was more noticeable on my bottom lashes and has helped to even out the look of the lash line.

I don't think I could really ask for anything more from this product and at the price I think it is excellent.


  1. this stuff really works.. my mom has been using it for a month and her eyelashes are thicker, voluminous and noticeably longer.. there is fewer lash fallout too!


  2. Hi Nelly
    Yay! It's great when something lives up to claims.