Friday, 8 July 2011

I Need Toner: Pukka Organic Rosewater Toner

Toner is something I've not used regularly in the past but I've come to the decision that I now need it. Some toners I've tried feel pleasant but haven't appeared to do a great deal so that is probably why my use has been inconsistent, but I think that I've pinpointed a little of what I like.

I find toners with rose in them to be more effective for my skin as they help to calm and soothe it. If my skin is really upset I like pressing the toner into the skin with a cotton pad and taking my time to work it in and repeating this a few times - it's quite relaxing!

I recently picked up an Organic Rosewater toner by Pukka. Pukka is a natural brand that focuses it's line on Ayurveda and has a range of health supplementation/teas as well as topical products for all round well-being.
This toner is a Rosa Damascena steam distilled formula that when spritzed on the skin you get an immediate and quite potent rose scent that feels very therapeutic. It comes in a frosted glass spray bottle with an aluminium lid.

I think for the quality of the rosewater, this is quite reasonably priced at £9.75 for 100ml.
I got this from Nutricentre (which is in some larger Tescos) but Pukka can be found in quite a few health stores and online. I've also recently started using the Pukka Organic Hemp Oil drizzled on food as after reading this post on Pai's Skincare blog, I could do with some of these benefits!


  1. This looks interesting and its a bit cheaper than the rose water I currently use from Aromatherapy Associates. I do really like rose water and like you find its very soothing if I have had a breakout and seems to heal the area quicker.

  2. Hi Replica

    I was going to get the Aromatherapy Associates one but I saw this locally and thought I'd give it a go. Rose water is great, another toner that's lovely is the Trilogy Hydrating Mist.

  3. The packaging is lovely! It sounds great :)