Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Volume for Fine Locks: PhytoVolume Actif

My fine flat locks need some oomph when it comes to the volumising department and a product that I have just finished every last drop of is Phyto's Phytovolume Actif spray.

It's quite telling when I use up a hair styling product as in the past I've found it a bit of a chore to properly style my hair and I'd often buy products for them to just sit unused. Unfortunately with my fairly recent foray into ombre-ing and also growing my hair long I've had to up the ante in caring for my tresses so I've been making more of an effort with styling too.

The Phytovolume is my go-to when I blow dry so after towel drying my hair, I just spritz near the roots and lift up sections and spray underneath, from root to mid lengths. It's a light liquid spray that doesn't weigh my hair down and if I overdo it slightly, once I blow dry I cannot detect any residue. It has a nice volume effect and helps to give a slight lift and thicken the hair so it feels like I have a bit more fullness. It is heat activated but I've also used this when naturally drying my hair and it still gives a bit of volume.

This contains wheat proteins and amino acids that help to thicken the diameter of each hair and is silicone, sulfate and paraben free.

Overall I've been really happy with this as it's a great volumising product without feeling like you have lots of product in your hair.

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