Sunday, 8 April 2012

Revlon CustomEyes Naturally Glamorous Palette Review

I went to check out the new Revlon lip butters but my eyes were also drawn to this palette with my favourite colour combo of browns. I think this is new as I don't remember seeing it previously.

It's a lovely compact size with a pretty selection of natural shades with good pigmentation. I really like the embossing on the powder which gives it a little bit more interest and is a detail that grabbed my attention initially. The texture is smooth and fairly buttery although the first shade on the left and the middle paler shade are a little powdery than the others.

Shade 1 is a dark, almost black brown which is more matte than the other shades. Shade 2 is a deep, warm brown,  Shade 3 in the middle is a pale creamy beige sort of colour,  Shade 4 is a rich, chocolately slightly red-toned brown and the last shade is a pretty golden brown.

I always get good use from these kind of colours and they are ones I reach for instinctively in my collection, especially when I'm in a hurry.

There are 2 other colour variants I saw - one of which was more blue based and another that I was also tempted by which had a beautiful deep green and purple.

The palette is £7.99 which I think is rather good for the quality and range of colours.

I purchased this from Boots.


  1. That palette looks gorgeous! I was in Boots the other day and they didn't have it, neither does my Superdrug :(

    1. Hi PinkSparkle84
      I don't think my local Superdrug had this either, although the Revlon stand in this one is smaller than my local Boots stand which seems to have a fuller range (although they were out of most of the lip butters:( They might have the palette online at Boots as I think it's only just come out.

  2. I have two Boots stores near me and they are alway really late getting stock (the lip butters took forever, I stalked both stores for two weeks). I will be picking up one of these as soon as they have it in stock.