Thursday, 19 April 2012

Petite Marie Ounce of Prevention Mineral Sun Protection Cream SPF 30

Petite Marie Organics is a Switzerland-based range (although it initially started out in the UK) founded by nutritionist Julie Gabriel after years of struggling with acne herself and the range focuses on natural skincare for these more problematic skin types. 

I stumbled upon this suncream after reading a review on, and it piqued my interest as it seemed like it would be a beneficial sunscreen for my acne-prone skin as it is mineral based, using zinc oxide (not-nano) as the primary sun defence.
It also contains some other natural lovelies to calm and soothe the skin like Arctic blackcurrant oil as well as antioxidant protection from Green Tea and Lycopene.

The texture is a light cream, but because of the zinc oxide, I find that it takes on a very slight chalky feel as you rub into the skin. When initially applied the cream does look whiteish, but with blending leaves barely a trace visible on the skin.

Even though the texture is a little strange at first in comparison to other sunscreens, I do not find it drying and it's only if I've applied too much that it seems to settle around drier areas like spots. I think if you had drier skin then you would probably need a separate moisturiser underneath. I have used it without and it's fine on my combination/acne/dehydrated skin but because of the texture I like having a 'cushion' between so I usually slip a little serum or moisturiser underneath.

Purified water, zinc oxide (18%), organic olive oil, cetearyl olivate (emulsifier), sorbitan olivate (emulsifier), organic shea butter, organic sea buckthorn oil, cetyl palmitate (emulsifier), sorbitan palmitate (emulsifier), organic Argan oil, organic Echinacea extract, organic calendula extract, Siberian ginseng extract, starflower oil, Arctic black currant oil, olive leaf extract, xanthan gum, green tea, lycopene, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate.

I bought this from

EDIT 5/5/12: Something I forgot to mention in my review was the website service (the comment by Anonymous reminded me).
I did find it took much longer to receive my order than I would normally find ordering from overseas. I would expect an order to be dispatched within 3 days from any website (unless it is stated on the website that there will be delays), but this took about a week for the status to be updated, then another week or so for it to arrive.


  1. This sounds a really interesting product. I am eeking out my BECCA Mineral Primer until its return at the end of the year. Thanks for this.

    1. Hi Jan
      I am interested to check the Becca out as I remembered you speaking highly of it. Another one to add to my list:)

  2. That looks interesting, I've not heard of that brand before, I'll have a look into them, thanks for the review :)

  3. How long did it take from the time you placed the order to receiving it? I recently placed an order on Apr 9 and it is already May 5. No one attended to my emails that I sent and I am getting impatient. I am contemplating getting my credit card company to void the transaction.

    1. Hi Anonymous
      It took about two weeks, maybe a little longer - I think I got an order update email about a week after I placed the order, then about another week for it to arrive.

      I have emailed through the website contact form and did get a reply within a day though.

      I forgot to mention about the website service when writing my review, so your comment has reminded me of this.

    2. You are lucky -- at least you got your products. When did you place the order?

      I had sent them 4 emails and no response from them. I am going to call them next week. I already going to dispute the charge if no one respond to my email or call. I am quite disappointed. If there is a delay or anything, they should email me.

    3. Hi roxtsl
      That's bad that you've not got any response from them at all, I agree that they should let you know of any delays rather then being kept in the dark. I hope you have better luck when you call, let me know how you get on.

      I bought this last year at the end of September so it's been a while and I haven't ordered anything recently.

    4. There are major issues with Petit Marie not sending orders and not responding to emails/letters and not issuing refunds. See here

    5. Hi Anonymous
      Thanks for the link, I was not aware of these issues until I read others comments, makes me rather hesitant now.